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Wonder woollies - Preschool Learning Games


Build lamps, flowers or musical instruments

Endless activities: farm your greens, cook or set up a concert

Animated educational tasks

Learn how to trace letters or numbers

Explore fun videos

Safe game without ads

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With SKIDOS games, you get features like:

  • Access to 40+ safe & ad-free games for 2-11-year-olds
  • Tracing letters & numbers for preschoolers
  • Simple math tasks while playing
  • Engaging educational videos
  • Customized exercises as per your child’s age & interests
  • New games added every month
  • Up to 6 users allowed with one account
  • Weekly reports for your kid’s progress
  • Expert tips on parenting & 21st century skills
  • Global learning standards
  • Intelligent algorithm to help the child learn at their own pace
  • Multi-language support


Enter a fairy land rich in adventures! 

The game encourages kids to explore a play-world inhabited by cute creatures and discover tons of activities and videos hidden behind every corner. 

Kids can build curious objects, dance or swim with friends and end the day celebrating in front of a bonfire. All this while letting their imagination run free.

Importance of Preschooler Learning Games

When children are in preschool, their young minds can be easily attracted or distracted. It becomes important to provide them with the right learning aids that are age-appropriate. This helps kids to get a good hang of learning the basics like colors, alphabets and numbers in order to be prepared for formal school. 

Preschooler learning games available online at SKIDOS is a quick, easy and very effective mode of learning for kids at this stage. They can not only learn in a playful manner, making it seem almost like effortless learning but also start getting more independent by doing it on their own.

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