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Toy Brush


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Toy Brush is a fun learning game with 3D coloring for kids using different colors & patterns. It is a great choice for 2-5-year-old kids to express their creativity. Kids can choose between 60+ toys of different materials (wood, fabric or ceramic), and paint them the way they like. They can also explore cute stickers to add to their creation. Also, kids learn basic math concepts with different exercises integrated within the game.

Game Features:

  • Toys for every taste: cat, cake, car, mermaid & many more
  • Multiple painting tools like pencils, brushes etc.
  • Toddler game setting with auto rotation feature
  • Resizable stickers to decorate the toy
  • Great activity for boosting your kid’s creativity

Why are coloring & drawing games good for toddlers?

Coloring & drawing games have always been a favorite of most toddlers. Kids love colors and drawing also comes naturally to them. It starts with exploring and goes on to become an expression of their thoughts and imagination. Coloring & drawing games are actually a great pick for toddlers; it helps not only to boost their creative expression but also to improve their focus, hand-eye coordination as well as to refine their fine motor skills. These games are easy to play, therapeutic to keep kids calm and can give little budding artists a good starting point.

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