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Train - Solve 3D Train Puzzles


Adaptive and Personalized Math and Tracing Practice across grades

Adaptive and Personalised Math Practice across grades

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SKIDOS Train Games for kids is a cool 3D math game with four levels of difficulty which can teach your child quick math tricks by solving puzzles and performing numerous tasks..Have fun driving the train in a super cool 3D game!

Help the train to collect the scattered wagons of different colors. Three wagons of the same color in a row will remove all the wagons of that color off the train. Dropping bonuses bring more fun to the game. Get coins for the collected wagons, complete various tasks, buy new locomotives.

Besides wagons and bonuses, there are puzzle pieces appearing on the area. Collect them by the train and compose pictures. Get unique locomotives for the puzzles composed.

Train Features:

– Four playing areas of different sizes and configurations
– Four difficulty modes
– Three pictures-puzzle
– Bonuses on the game area
– Numerous tasks completed will give you more coins
– Seven gorgeous locomotives
The game for all ages!

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