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Whale Friend - Feed Your Whale Friend


Adaptive and Personalized Math and Tracing Practice across grades

Adaptive and Personalised Math Practice across grades

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Whale Friend math game is a cute game featuring a big blue whale character that kids usually adore. Kids have to make use of their jumping skills and smartly time their landings to collect butterflies in this massively addictive endless-jumper journey. It’s sure to get the kids hooked with a sense of achievement every time they collect and win.

The whale and its friends’ lives are full of adventure in this interesting whale friend math game. It’s up to the whale’s friend to feed the picky whale who doesn’t eat fish. Kids have to collect and upgrade 4 handy power-ups while jumping on clouds in the sky. They can also choose and upgrade their clothing, house, and the power-ups using those hard-earned butterflies. Also, kids must not forget to level up their character for bigger bonuses and score multipliers!

Do you think you can complete all the missions and get to level 10? Can you find all the rare butterflies, and satisfy the hungry whale? Try your hands on the game and you will know. And make the most of this whale friend math game with simple math and tracing exercises at every level.

Main features:

  • Adorable, hilarious, fun & easy to learn gameplay
  • Four funky, upgradeable power-ups
  • Complete 27 in-game missions, level up and unlock 35 unique achievements
  • Can customize your friend, the Whale, and the house you live in
  • Perfect the art of cloud-jumping to earn massive bonuses
  • Collect the 20 rare butterflies and get your score multiplier sky high

How can visually attractive math games for kids help them learn better?

It can never be enough practice when it comes to learning math concepts at different levels; kids always need ample math practice. For kids between 5-11 years of age, math becomes even more important as this is the time when they can either develop an interest in the subject or a perpetual fear of math. As kids tend to get attracted a lot by visuals at this stage, math games with attractive animations and sounds can be an engaging way to make them practice and learn easily. Our math learning games at SKIDOS including the Whale Friend math game app and others are designed in a way to make math seem like fun. Kids learn in an enjoyable way, slowly developing a natural inclination for learning.

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