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Make your classroom more interactive & livelier with some fun games for kids!

As a teacher, it becomes a real challenge to keep kids continually engaged and focused on learning. How about trying some unconventional ways of learning like our fun educational games to make your classroom a lot more exciting and playful yet more productive.

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Our Math Curriculum

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SKIDOS for Teachers

K-5 Math teachers, try our games for FREE!

Being a teacher can be hard, especially with handling kids that have different tastes, strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it becomes a challenge to keep them focused and enthused about learning. Our games offer a perfect setting for playful learning that is both interactive and customized as per the age and interests of all kids in the class. Games always attract kids as they are fun and provide a diversion from lessons, so why not make them constructive as well.

Try our games for yourself, completely free with our Free Pilot Program, designed for teachers in particular. Our survey tells us that students who used SKIDOS games in class for just 10 minutes actually end up spending almost an hour practicing math with our games at home. It’s the easiest way to capture kids’ wavering attention and make way for a natural inclination towards learning, without any performance pressure.   

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