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SKIDOS educational games are designed to teach young children basic mathematics, alphabets, words and pronunciation, phonics & strengthen their vocabulary & reading skills. English, Math & Coding games for 4, 5, 6 year old Kids:

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Stand with Ukraine
Mar 3, 2022 / Press

Наші серця з Україною 🇺🇦

Ми зробили свій скромний внесок і перерахували кошти на рахунок Міністерства соціальної політики України на гуманітарні потреби. Окрім цього, ми пропонуємо всім українським сім’ям спеціальні умови для доступу до 45 мобільних ігор для дітей.

Stand with Ukraine
Mar 3, 2022 / Press

Our hearts and support go to Ukraine 🇺🇦

In addition to donations to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine for humanitarian needs, SKIDOS is providing special offers to access and play all our 45+ games - to support you and your kids.

Tracing letters and videos
Feb 1, 2022 / Press

SKIDOS Introduces Educational Videos & New Learning Activities with a Recent Product Update

SKIDOS, a platform of learning games for kids, has introduced new features with a recent product update. From now on, SKIDOS apps also provide a catalog of educational videos for 2-11-year-olds and new learning activities for preschoolers - tracing letters and numbers.

SKIDOS Fun Teeth
Nov 18, 2021 / Press

New Game Release: SKIDOS Fun Teeth Already in App Store

Meet a new game from SKIDOS for 3-8-year-old kids - SKIDOS Fun Teeth. Learn about healthy foods, brush the teeth, fight bacteria engage in other fun activities.

SKIDOS Play House
Sep 3, 2021 / Press

SKIDOS Play House: New Game for All the SKIDOS Pass Owners

SKIDOS has launched a new game on App Store - SKIDOS Play House. Kids Play House - is an imaginative and open-ended game for little kids of pre and primary school age. 

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