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SKIDOS educational games are designed to teach young children basic mathematics, alphabets, words and pronunciation, phonics & strengthen their vocabulary & reading skills. English, Math & Coding games for 4, 5, 6 year old Kids:


SKIDOS - Selected as a part of the 2020 HolonIQ Nordic-Baltic EdTech 50

Skidos has been selected as part of the 2020 HolonIQ Nordic-Baltic EdTech 50, an annual list of the 50 most innovative EdTech startups from the Nordic-Baltic region.

SKIDOS - A new Partnership deal with WAOO

SKIDOS is pleased to announce a new partnership deal with leading Fiber Broadband Provider Waoo in Denmark, bringing 30+ Educational games to Danish children to their customers. "We look forward to a new & exciting journey with Waoo" says CEO, Aditya Prakash of SKIDOS. (Note: This article is available in Danish only)


100 Copenhagen Startups to Watch in 2019

Copenhagen’s tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best Copenhagen tech startups is an eclectic mix of huge fintech companies, small creative startups and everything in between.

SKIDOS Bakery Fun Math Game


Bake with cute SKIDOS monsters in Bakery game for kids (4-8 years), where you lay the...


10 European video game startups to watch in 2018

SKIDOS has been listed as one of the 10 emerging gaming comapanies from Europe that are already making big revenues.

Adi flyttede til Danmark og åbnede et spilfirma: Har fået 7,7 mio. kr. på et år

Den danske spilvirksomhed Skidos med Adi Prakash i spidsen vil have børn til at spille Super Mario og Subway Surfers i skolen. Den idé har på kort tid kastet penge af sig.


Adi vil gøre børn klogere, mens de spiller spil på tablets og telefoner

Adi Prakash har stiftet spilfirmaet SKIDOS for at gøre op med kedelig undervisning. Efter en større millionindsprøjtning er de klar til at revolutionere uddannelsessystemer verden over en app ad gangen.

14 fast-moving Copenhagen start-ups to watch in 2018

SKIDOS is an edtech start-up that relocated to Copenhagen from New Delhi. Led by Aditya Prakash, the company has created a software development kit that helps developers turn casual games into learning apps. In recent weeks, SKIDOS raised around €638,000 in seed funding.

Edtech startup gør klar til at bruge millioninvestering

I juli landede det danske edtech startup Skidos en investering på 4,75 millioner kroner. Nu skal de hyre de rigtige folk til at sikre dem næste investeringsrunde, der efter planerne skal falde i slutningen af 2018.

SKIDOS on TechCrunch

SKIDOS, an edtech startup based in Copenhagen after relocating its HQ from New Delhi, offers an SDK to help games developers turn casual games into “learning apps”. The idea, co-founder and CEO Aditya Prakash says, is to flip the existing model where educational games often do a poor job of mimicking popular non-educational gaming titles.


9 Teams Raise the Bar in Startupbootcamp Mobile 2015

I entered the gates of Pumpehuset, a historical music site in the heart of Copenhagen, sporting my backpack and rubber shoes. A mistake — I was out of place in the sea of towering men in suits and classy women in fancy dresses. Luckily there were still a few like-minded individuals wearing jeans and sneakers.

SKIDOS – Captivating Maths – Mobile #sbcStartupOfTheWeek

Here’s an hypothetical math problem for you:”50% of the 6 amazing Startups in this year’s Startupbootcamp Mobile accelerator program will raise 2 million dollars each out of the 10 million dollars available from investors. That’s still 40% of the money left on the table. Do you know how much is left?”

SKIDOS is the first Indian startup to be part of Startupbootcamp Mobile in Copenhagen

For the first time, a startup company from India, SKIDOS, has been accepted into Startupbootcamp Mobile in Copenhagen, Denmark. For five years now, Startupbootcamp has been running industry-focused programmes globally.

Milk Hunt has won 3 of the biggest and most prestigious awards for kids

Milk Hunt has won 3 of the biggest and most prestigious awards for kids educational products in 2015 including the Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award and the 2015 Family Choice award. Check out the awards below: Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award 2015 Family Choice Award for best app for Kids 2015 Silver Award in the Best Mobile App Award 2015

How SKIDOS is helping kids learn using gaming?

Keeping kids engaged during studies is one of the toughest things to do. Different learning models – from books to toys to experiment based learning – have been tried. Aditya Prakash took a different approach by analyzing learning patterns and building games around them.

SKIDOS Bakery Fun Math Game


Bake with cute SKIDOS monsters in Bakery game for kids (4-8 years), where you lay the...


Fast Paced Mental Math Game App for Kids

Do you have children who like playing games? They will love this app Milk Hunt Kids Math Game. It is a fast paced game app where kids have to solve math problems to move up the levels. The math included in the app are common core aligned.

Milk Hunt Kids Math Game – Provides Math Practice in a Fast-Paced Game Platform

Crikey! This new math app features Kando, an energetic kangaroo, hopping across Australia, looking for his favorite drink- milk! Milk Hunt: Kids’ Math Game is a fast-paced game app that provides solid math practice in a format children will love.

Best math apps for kids: sneaks in some learning too!

Help Kando the Kangaroo as he goes on a quest to find more milk. Hop across Australia collecting milk bottles and other prizes. Solve math problems along the way to win more milk points. The combination of adventure game with math practice keeps this game interesting for little learners.

App Review – Milk Hunt: Kids Math Game!

Milk Hunt Math developed by SKIDOS Learning is an excellent math app designed specifically for primary school aged students. In the app, the student has to help a cute little kangaroo named Kando to bounce, jump and roll across famous Australian landmarks whilst simultaneously completing Maths questions.