SKIDOS’ Mission Possible:

Building Lifelong Happy Confident Learners

Today, the world is more Digital & more Dynamic than ever before. Yet while everything around us is evolving, our education mostly remains the same. What our children learn today does not match the skills we need tomorrow. To be future-ready, these traditional, old-school methods of learning have to change.

And so the SKIDOS mission begins: to transform the way we teach, so we can raise confident, happy, and curious young learners around the world. SKIDOS elevates classic learning with exciting technology so that children can learn 21st century skills while having endless fun. Each SKIDOS game is built with love towards one goal- to make learning a delightful experience for every kid!

Fiks & Moyo - SKIDOS Mascot
Fiks & Moyo - SKIDOS Mascot

Eyes on the Prize

SKIDOS Vision Ahead

Simply put, SKIDOS strives to make learning meaningful and delightful for children around the world. In our future, we see true education to be more than plain academic prowess; we envision young learners approaching the world with curiosity and the confidence to explore. SKIDOS is committed to becoming the global leading brand in complementing conventional education with modern, 21st century skills like Critical thinking, Tech Literacy, Leadership, and Communication.


Kids today love to play games; we make sure they can enjoy a safe, ad-free mobile experience, and learn in the process. We aim to help kids become confident lifelong learners, by teaching them not only academic skills but also 21st Century Skills, to unlock their superpowers fully. Through our collection of 40+ apps, kids can have fun, with a wide selection of games for every taste, while thanks to our educational tasks, they can practice literacy and math.