SKIDOS Game Portfolio

Games for 4 - 6 Year Old Kids

SKIDOS educational games are designed to teach young children basic mathematics, alphabets, words and pronunciation, phonics & strengthen their vocabulary & reading skills. English, Math & Coding games for 4, 5, 6 year old Kids:

SKIDOS Game Portfolio Cute Monster


Bath is a role-playing game, a toy, and a little helper. It’s a fun way to experience...

SKIDOS Bike Racing Cool Math Game


Are you looking for cool math games for kids? Skidos Bike Racing Game is a complete...

SKIDOS Runners Cool Math Games


Learn to distinguish healthy and unhealthy foods. Smash the unhealthy snacks, run faster...

SKIDOS Abc Town Game


Kids Spelling Town is a game of fun and learning for children (5-9 years), where you lay the...

SKIDOS Bakery Fun Math Game


Bake with cute SKIDOS monsters in Bakery game for kids (4-8 years), where you lay the...

SKIDOS Fishing Cool Math Game


Catch it while you can! In the Fishing Game, you have to catch all the fish while their mouth...

SKIDOS Math Game


The pirates have plundered your swag! Show those scurvy dogs who the real pirate is!

SKIDOS Math Game


Use your jumping skills and time your landings to collect butterflies in this massively...

Your child will improve his/her numbers, letters, colors recognition skills while playing these fun learning games.

Parents Reviews:

“A fun game to practice Mental Math. My daughter is in kindergarten & she loves to play bakery game. She enjoys the characters of the game. ”