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Best Games for 5-year-olds with the Right Blend of Learning & Fun!

Given the fast-paced and highly competitive world that we are all a part of today is a big reason to widen the scope of learning for our kids. Neither the traditional learning limited to a few academic subjects nor the old classroom method of teaching are enough for kids today. They eventually need to step out into the professional world that is far more progressive now than it was earlier. So, it becomes imperative for kids to start learning more advanced things from an early age itself.

That’s why introducing them to varied things like coding, advanced technologies, art, science facts and 21st century fundamentals skills becomes crucial so as to prepare them for a successful future. This also warrants the need for using different mediums of learning such as through workshops, excursions to different places, extra-curricular activities that are age-specific & interesting and most of all, games.

Games, in particular, are a great and easiest way to introduce many different concepts to kids easily, be it as basic or advanced as they grow up. For young minds especially, it’s at times not easy to understand concepts or learning even gets boring as they are constantly curious about something new. SKIDOS has come up with some of the best games for 5-year-old kids, which is quite a critical stage to channelize kids’ energy and mold their learning in the right direction. Let’s have a look at a few of our games that will help your 5-year-olds to get that edge in class and also outside it.

Rabbit Rescue

This is one of the best games for 5-year-old kids, which offers a mix of both learning and joyful entertainment with cute bunny characters in the game. It’s a very fun and colorful bubbleRead more


Fishing is a fun educational game wherein the kids have to catch all the fish before they escape. They also get to learn early literacy, numeracy and coding while enjoying their timeRead more

Super Store

This is an amazing shopping mall game that can easily be put under the label of best games for 5-year-olds. Which kid doesn’t love going to the mall and having fun. This game lets the kids Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS​

Let your kids explore the wonderful world of adorable animation characters, cute graphics, animated animals with funny sounds as they develop a natural love for learning with easy and quick exercises integrated within the game. Games not only put kids in a good mood but also take the pressure out of learning, making the process fun. Explore the wide range of fun learning games at SKIDOS today to let your kids learn easily while playing.

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