Learn with your best friends from SKIDOS

SKIDOS apps is Neta’s, Moyo’s and Fiks’ favorite playground. They love games and strive for knowledge with equal eagerness. Join these charming, creative and inventive fellows on a learning adventure with SKIDOS.

Improve in academics with clever Fiks

Fiks is a very brainy and curious bluebird. He likes reading, experimenting, and working on his inventions. He is always learning new things and is very excited to learn together with you. With Fiks, you’ll surf through math and logic tasks in SKIDOS apps and bravely face all the learning challenges.

Some apps Fiks is fond of:
Borrow enthusiasm from Neta

Neta is a friendly and adventurous red duck. She is very sporty, and is always coming up with fun plans and games. She is the right one to encourage you on the learning path. With Neta, it is never boring. You can learn from her initiativity, curiosity and positive attitude.

Some apps Neta is recommending:
Embrace your creativity with Moyo

Moyo is an artistic yellow owl. He paints, draws, sculpts and makes movies. He loves to cook and meditate and has a big imagination. Moyo is looking forward to helping you explore your talents – he is a good friend and an awesome guide in the arts. Moyo’s good at focusing and self awareness, he motivates everyone around him.

Some apps Moyo loves: