Powerful foods to supercharge your child’s immunity

Nothing pains a parent more than seeing their child fall easy prey to infectious diseases, especially due to coronavirus pandemic across the world. We have listed down a few ways to supercharge your kid’s immunity: Dig into Dairy  Milk products such as cheese and yoghurt are excellent sources of calcium.…
March 20, 2020

Benefits of games in the development of your child.

Playing games, whether outdoors or indoors, is the preferred leisure activity for many children. These days, children spend a lot of their time playing online games on a mobile or computer and one of the best ways you can have your child utilize his screen time is by letting them immerse in the world…
November 7, 2019

Homework Hassles

Your child’s first day of school is a day that you will never forget. Once school begins; waking your little one up, bathing, breakfast, dressing up and rushing for school become daily chores. Pep talks, gifts, motherly advice and scolding is what you need to push your little one to…
July 29, 2019