Inspiring & Fun Things To Do At Home During The Corona Virus Situation

By March 16, 2020 Education, News

Hygiene is King these days.
Help your kids stay clean and clear!

Every day during the Corona Virus, we will be sharing an email to all parents on our lists and also on our blogs and social media to give parents some fun things they can do during the outbreak. We will be sharing some movie suggestions, some activities to do and some general news about what is going on. Should you have any questions about the outbreak in your home country, please reach out to the health authorities or check local news regularly. If we can help, please don’t hesitate in reaching out via our Facebook page.

Movie Suggestions


Another Day, Another Update. We hope that yesterday gave you a little bit of inspiration and some insight in to things you can do with your kids. We are being as creative as we can be and relying on our network of teachers, pedagogues and parents, so if you have any great ideas or suggestions, please
do share on our Facebook page or contact us via our website and send in suggestions!

Fun Activity – Make Your Own Postcards & Send Them

A Local Update from the USA (NYC)

In New York City things are changing daily, but isn’t that every day anyway in the Big Apple? The last few days have been strange, but we keep on trying to be creative and have fun with the kids. Parks and playgrounds remain open, so we are taking it a bit easier than I think our colleagues and friends in Europe. I read recently that fresh air and sunlight helps, so we will take that approach and enjoy some of the sun whilst we can!

We recommend avoiding handshakes or hugs with friends/strangers, why not go for a “Namaste” instead or a bow?

Some News From Around the World

Some Things to Do At Home, From Canada

Italians Singing – Responses from Singers – Lewis Capaldi “Someone you loved”

Do be extra diligent, ensure you use lots of soap & help your kids go the extra mile!

Statistics on COVID-19

If you want live stats on COVID-19, Click here

Learn To Make and Write Post Cards – How to make some fun post cards at home

Some inspirational cards, you can make in your own at home! All you need is glue, paper and a bit of imagination – This is an amazon link to show some finished products

We hope you are all staying safe, healthy and in doors as advised!

We will give you an update with more insight on another country tomorrow. If you have any questions or feedback, please share on

Keep safe, clean & if at all concerned, contact your local health services via the phone to limit the spread of bacteria. We will share more news tomorrow!
Yours Truly,

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