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Explore Free Learning Apps for Kids to Enrich Young Minds

Nov 26, 2021
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Explore Free Learning Apps for Kids to Enrich Young Minds

Free learning apps for kids can offer a good start for parents just beginning to explore online learning. They can choose the online content as per their kids’ varying interests, needs or age. However, the free apps may not be ideal, if one expects high-quality, customized content in a safe and ad-free atmosphere.

The demand for learning apps for kids has been rising in the past couple of years, especially because of the new needs created by the pandemic. Also, the concept of distance learning is getting more popular. The number of parents deliberately choosing to homeschool kids, especially in the US, is also on the rise. Naturally, parents look for free alternatives as a start. Different options for free learning apps for kids can be found everywhere, on the app stores, or simply with a google search.  

Reasons Parents Look for Free Learning Apps for Kids

Apart from the obvious factor of being cost-effective, there can be many reasons for parents to try out free learning apps for kids. It’s particularly prevalent with parents who are yet to decide on what specifically they want for their kids.  
According to the age, some parents look for different topics in an app that introduces kids to basic concepts like numbers or ABCs or phonics. While parents with older children will be more interested in apps that can help their kids to improve in math, or history, or foreign languages.

Let’s have a look at some common reasons.

  • Initially, parents are unsure of their kids’ interests and aptitude. So, they may prefer to try free apps before investing in any particular one.
  • Many parents may not be well aware of the difference in quality and customized approach offered by top paid apps. Hence, they may take it for granted and prefer to access similar-looking content on free apps.
  • Parents with more than one child also struggle with meeting different needs & likes as per the age. One app may not fit them all and parents may opt for different learning apps that are free.

Some Popular Free Learning Apps for Kids

The free learning apps for kids may not be as detailed and personally customized for every kid’s age and interests as the paid ones. Some commonly used free apps by parents, include:

  • Lingokids– It offers a variety of English songs, videos, audiobooks and interactive language exercises for kids. The free version comes with a daily limit.
  • GoNoodle– This app provides movement and mindfulness videos as a substitute to kid’s regular school gym class.
  • Beanstalk– It provides interactive classes for kids between the age of 1.5-6 years old, taught by experienced teachers.
  • Classroom Cereal– This helps young learners with improving their grammar through free downloadable exercise and stories.

Struggles with Choosing Free Learning Apps

The free apps come with certain limitations that parents have to deal with. Almost all free learning apps for kids have ads and may display content inappropriate for kids. That would make it hard for the parents to trust the kids using those on their own, without any supervision. Moreover, often the free tag is a lure to attract the parents to start using them. And later on, parents are asked to invest continuous money into buying new settings/additional characters or unlock more possibilities. Also, these free apps can be rather uninteresting after a point and outdated in content. And they are not tailored to a kid’s specific growing needs, age, interests, especially the curriculum needs.

Why Choose SKIDOS Games App

Instead of looking for the cheapest available option, if parents wish to invest in a safe, quality choice, SKIDOS can be what works for them. SKIDOS offers 40+ apps that fit different age groups, genders, and interests. It is completely safe and ad-free, so no parental supervision is required. This helps in making kids independent. Also, parents only need to pay for one subscription. So, we won’t ask for extra money for any hidden costs later through annoying pop-up windows. No pushing the customers to buy new elements or characters for the games. Parents can easily engage up to 6 kids to play at once with just one subscription. Primarily, we aim at striking a balance between learning tasks and enjoyable games. So, kids are likely to develop a natural inclination for learning. 


SKIDOS’s interactive learning games for kids are designed for 2 – 11-year-olds & are aligned with their academic objectives. With our educational games, guide your children to become confident learners in math, coding, & reading. Introduce them to 21st-century skills that will help them prepare for a brighter future. With easy-to-access weekly reports, you can keep an eye on their progress, too. 

With a SKIDOS Pass, you get the best value of:

  • 48+ Learning games 
  • 1000+ fun activities for your kids
  • 6 players in 1 account
  • Cancel anytime
  • Learning Progress Tracking
  • And no third-party advertising