It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Again! Christmas is knocking on our doors & we want to share the love with you. In what we consider the new normal, we want to do our bit to spread warmth, happiness & joy. The season of festivities has begun & it is time for you to join in the Christmas spirit from the safety of your homes. To add more fun to your family time, we present the SKIDOS Christmas Contest! Book sets, SKIDOS goodie bags & much more too is up as prizes, so don’t hesitate in joining the competition!

Fun Christmas activities every week!

SKIDOS brings to you 3 weeks of fun-filled activities & quizzes to enjoy with your kids! This Christmas, stay at home & enjoy fun activities, with special rewards waiting for you every week!

We’ve got loads of planned activities for everyone to enjoy & give you fun ways to spend quality time with your family.

Activity 3: Gift Wrapping Activity

Christmas is just around the corner & now is the perfect time to start wrapping up the presents! Wrap up a gift box in the most creative & decorative way & send us a picture of it.

The most creative entry receives an assured gift from SKIDOS!

Submit your entry now!

    Who can Participate?

    Calling all toddlers, kids & pre-teens to join us this Christmas!. Parents, if your kids are aged between 2 & 13 years, get them to participate in this contest & let them win exciting goodies for Christmas. Don’t let them miss out on the Christams Fun!

    Steps to Participate

    Duration: One exciting activity every week until Christmas!

    How will this contest help your kids?

    This contest is created for enjoyment as well as for educating the children about Christmas.  Our activities are carefully crafted to bring joy, excitement & amusement to the family. You can participate in this contest from a distance & enjoy the many activities that we have planned. The contest is designed to bring out the artistic side in kids & boost creativity. It will challenge them to be creative, sharp, meticulous & determined, helping them enhance & develop the skills & cognition that will help them grow. Also, a little healthy competition can never go wrong!

    Exciting Rewards To Be Won!

    It is the season of gifts & we have several amazing gifts lined up for our Winners! Win exciting goodie bags, book sets & much more! Participate & test your mettle!

    Get this Quiz Right before you go on!

    See how much you know about Christmas! Try out this quiz & test your knowledge


    Christmas Quiz

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    Q1 Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?

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    Q2 Which fairy tale was the first gingerbread houses inspired by?

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    Q3 What popular Christmas song was actually written for Thanksgiving?

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    Q4 What are Christmas trees also called?

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    Q5 What type of vegetable do people leave by the fireplace on Christmas Eve for Santa's Reindeer?

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    *Terms & Conditions

    1. Every participant must submit only one entry. Multiple entries will not be considered. In case multiple entries are submitted, the last one will be considered, & all prior entries will be dismissed.

    2. This contest is open for children between the ages of 2-13 years.

    3. Participants are required to send in original entries.

    4. Image Format – JPEG/PNG (size should be less than 3MB)

    5. Entry Date: 18th to 24th December for Activity 3

    6. SKIDOS reserves the right to dismiss entries that don’t meet the requirements of the contest. Participants sending in fake entries will be disqualified.

    7. Winners will receive an email from SKIDOS after the contest has concluded. The email will include the details of the rewards they’ve won.

    We look forward to encouraging children all over the world to participate in this contest & join us in the Christmas fun. We believe every child is imaginative & creative, & we can’t wait to receive the wonderful entries from all the young artists out there. Let this Christmas be a season of gifts & joy!