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How can Coding for 6-Year-Olds be Made Fun & Easy?

Along with traditional learning, there are new-age concepts like coding, data science, and analytics that are being sought after, worldwide. They give a good early start to your kids and there are many simple and fun ways to introduce coding for 6-year-olds. Check out some fun coding games by SKIDOS.

As the world evolves, there are new-age skills that are becoming increasingly popular and more in demand than others, one of them being coding. With technology advancing and all businesses going digital, coding has become a vital skill that all parents want their kids to pick up from an early age itself. That’s because if coding becomes a part of early learning, kids are more likely to grasp it faster and be better skilled at it by the time they get to the more advanced levels in their professional careers. SKIDOS has got some great games that focus on coding for 6-year-olds in a fun and easy way. They help kids get a basic understanding of the concept and practice it while playing their favorite games.


This gripping game is going to improve your child’s focus and attention. It’s a game that requires quick thinking and concentration, thereby sharpening hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The aim of the game is to collect same-colored carriages while navigating a train around an arena. Read more

Rabbit Rescue

Your first grader is going to have an amazing time playing this game. It’s colorful, adorable, and has great sounds. The game is designed to improve logical thinking in children. There are rows of bubbles of various colors and the topmost row has a bunch of cute little bunnies that are Read more

Bike Racing

Kids love a good bike race; whether it’s riding their bicycles out in the town or virtually bike racing on video games and learning apps, they enjoy it. We bring you a bike racing game that has unlimited enjoyment and loads of hidden learning too. If you’re looking for a racing game that will entertain Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

Math and coding concepts are almost a necessity today. Professional world is advancing at a fast pace today and things are so dynamic that it’s time kids are taught what they can be of use to them in their near future and help them grow. Thus, getting them to learn the basics of coding is a must which is why we have smartly incorporated coding concepts in our games. There are over 40 learning apps by SKIDOS that will engage, entertain, and educate your kids. Take a while and explore them for your kids to give them meaningful screen time with learning.

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