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Coloring for 9-Year-Olds

Coloring for 9-year-olds is the perfect activity to help them have fun, relax, and build a number of fundamental skills. Here’s a coloring game by SKIDOS that your kids will thoroughly enjoy!

Coloring is an activity that’s meant for all ages. It can calm you down and bring instant joy. The splash of colors on a blank canvas that you can call your own little masterpiece is something that never gets dull. Coloring is quite the therapeutic experience, which is why parents and educators often try to get kids involved in activities that involve colors. As kids get a little older, coloring for 9-year-olds is an important activity for them to learn values and skills like patience, attention to detail, concentration, and focus. You will find a number of coloring games on the SKIDOS learning apps, including the Coloring Book game. Here’s a look.

Coloring Book

This game has over 100 drawings that can be colored. The drawings range from simple to complex with the detailing and intricacies varying in each. It’s a great game for your child to relax and unwind at the end of the day. And when you want to teach them about focus and patience, you can have them color the more complex mandalas and designs that need more attention.There are brushes of various sizes and a palette filled with countless colors. Right from animals, flowers, sceneries, and mandalas, they can choose their favorite drawing. There are also simple math puzzles within this game to keep the learning constant. It’s an amazing game to brush up on those creative, academic, and soft skills. 

Relieve Stress

As kids get older, they are introduced to stress. It’s almost impossible to shield them from it. They’ve got homework, extracurricular activities, playdates, and other activities that go on during the day. Even though they are kids, they still get stressed about doing things right. Coloring is a great way to help them unwind and relax.

Improve Focus

Detailed drawings require a steady hand and concentration. Kids get distracted easily and the sooner we teach them to concentrate on a task until it’s completed, the better for them. This quality of focusing on the task at hand and completing it with diligence is something that will always help them in life.

Sharpen Fine Motor Skills

Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are worked upon through coloring activities. The understanding of various sections in the drawing that require different colors and brushes, the concentration required to not color out of the border, and the time taken to complete coloring a drawing are some of the skills that will keep getting better with practice.

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

There are many more benefits like reducing anxiety, relaxing the nerves, improving creative techniques, etc. that are achieved through coloring. The coloring games by SKIDOS are curated by special educators who understand the skills that need to be promoted in children at an early age. There’s multi-language support and a dashboard that allows you to track your child’s progress along with getting an understanding of their skills and weaknesses. Explore the learning games by SKIDOS today!

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