Listen up, parents! The next four weeks are going to be entertaining & enriching for you & your kids.The Skidos ‘Back to School’ Contest is here with loads of fun and surprises headed your way. We bring you weekly activities that will bring out the creativity & intelligence in your kids. We might even bring out a few hidden talents in them you didn’t know they had. Oh, and did we mention there are prizes, too? That’s right, there are some exciting prizes awaiting your kids. Let’s begin the new school year with some delight, shall we?

Ready, Steady, Draw!

Listen up, kids! We know how much fun playing with colors can be. So, this first activity is all about being silly, and going crazy with those crayons. That’s right, let your imagination unfold on that blank canvas. What we need you to do is “Draw The Silliest Animal”. You’ve been to the zoo & watched your favourite animals prance around with their friends, eat their food & bask in the sun. You’ve also seen these animals on TV, and you’ve learned all about them at school. Perhaps, you’ll remember a little bit about what your teacher told you about them. Now is your chance to pick your favourite animal & make a drawing of them.

Try & remember what color they are, what they like to eat, where they are found & any other details you can think of. It doesn’t have to be perfect; you just have to have fun sketching it. Get as silly & creative as you possibly can, and we’ll enjoy it together. Don’t wait any longer! There are some unbelievable prizes coming your way. Let’s get sketching!

Who can Participate?

Calling all toddlers, kids & pre-teens to join us in this summer extravaganza. Parents, if your kids are aged between 2 & 13 years, get them to participate in this competition. Don’t let them miss out on the fun.Register today!

Steps to Participate

Duration: 1 exciting activity every week for 4 weeks

How will this contest help your kids?

Well, for starters, they are going to enjoy themselves thoroughly. Our activities are carefully crafted with the purpose of bringing joy, excitement & amusement to the family. The contest is designed to challenge the left & right brain of children. It will challenge them to be creative, sharp, meticulous & determined, helping them enhance & develop the skills & cognition that will help them grow. Also, a little healthy competition can never go wrong!

What will they win?

Relish your win with some amazing Lego sets or E-Vouchers from Amazon because the fun of learning doesn’t have to come to an end.

*Terms & Conditions

  1. Every participant must submit only one entry. Multiple entries will not be considered. In case multiple entries are submitted, the last one will be considered, and all prior entries will be dismissed.
  2. Participants are required to send in original entries.
  3. Image Format – JPEG/PNG (size should be less than 3MB)
  4. Entry Date
  5. SKIDOS reserves the right to dismiss entries that don’t meet the requirements of the contest. Participants sending in fake entries will be disqualified.
  6. Winners will receive an email from Skidos after the contest has concluded.

We look forward to encouraging children all over the world to participate in this contest & join us in this remarkable experience. We believe every child is imaginative & creative, and we can’t wait to receive the wonderful entries from all the young artists out there.