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Like… Dewey Finn from School of Rock

As… Iron Man

Find the child into yourself and use it to teach.
You’re the cool person. You love to demonstrate practical knowledge with experiments or stories that your students find amazing. You’re a role model for your students.

Your strength: Curiosity. Everything is susceptible of being investigated by you. You are able to show information in the most creatives ways.

Your weakness: Intensity. For those who are not in love with you, your approach can seem a bit too intense.

Relax, leave others to tell the fun stories sometime.

Oh, C’mon, Stop being so cool!

Cool Celebrities

SKIDOS celebrity image
SKIDOS celebrity image

Think we made a mistake? Check out the other teacher styles to see if one suits you better.

While many teacher books have been written, none is a definitive guide. Whatever type of teacher you are, remember there is no right or wrong way to teach if you are doing it with the best intentions and a lot of love.





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