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Like…Fräulein Rottenmeier from Heidi


“Old school rules” means success in education.

There’s no need to be a friend of your students in order to teach them. Also, they have to learn responsibility and facts of life, and you will be the personification of these pillars.

Your strength: Being forthright. You impose respect with only your presence. That helps in ensuring silence, getting the attention of the students and losing unnecessary distractions from the lesson.
Your weakness: Rigidity. “Too rigid and too straight can make the teacher lonely”. There is a thin line between respect and fear; you may need a good pair of glasses to see it?

Chill out & smile more!

Disciplined Celebrities

SKIDOS celebrity image
SKIDOS celebrity image

Think we made a mistake? Check out the other teacher styles to see if one suits you better.

While many teacher books have been written, none is a definitive guide. Whatever type of teacher you are, remember there is no right or wrong way to teach if you are doing it with the best intentions and a lot of love.



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