Easy Math Games for 1st Graders

Before your kid makes math their mortal enemy, you might as well get ahead of it and introduce them to some fun math games for 1st graders!
When your preschooler goes off to elementary school, there are all sorts of mixed emotions both in you and them. With all the new lessons and math being a fairly challenging subject for kids, you can’t help but wonder if they’ll perform well. And even though it’s just the beginning for kids, all parents go through this worry. We’re here to tell you to not to worry as we’ve got many fun math games for 1st graders that your kids will enjoy. Their introduction to math is going to be a delightful one, and playing these games will help them keep up in class! Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Color Friends

Which kid doesn’t like to be seen or called a hero? In this game, there are colorful characters trapped at the far end of the universe, and the kids have got to rescue them just as a hero. Navigate through a bunch of obstacles and collect rewards when you find a secret passage, seek help on the way, and dress your character just the way you like it. The game is filled with smart mini math and coding games that need to be solved before heading to the next level. There are multiple difficulty levels so all kids can enjoy it. The best part about the game is customized math games designed for every level that makes learning seem like play. Read more

Rabbit Rescue

This is a cute game where little bunnies are trapped and kids have to set them free. You must do that by bursting a cluster of bubbles of the same color. After each level, there are simple math and coding games that need to be solved. The child learns about geometry, symmetry, logic, and much more through this game. The animation is adorable and the game is filled with vibrant colors and sounds. Kids can enjoy saving the bunnies while learning math with this game. What’s more, it can also be played in multiple languages. Read more

Surf Run

This game becomes a child’s favorite pretty quickly! All the kids have to do is surf on the water and avoid the hurdles that might pop up. It sounds rather simple but the brilliant animation keeps the kids thoroughly engrossed in the fun for quite some time. Ride the glorious waves as long as you can and earn power-ups and bonus points along the way. There are personalized math and coding games with multiple difficulty levels included within. And, parents can also track their child’s progress on the given dashboard. Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

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