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Enjoyable Educational Games for Kindergarten!

It’s always good to build the fine motor skills of children at an early age. Parents always look for fun games that will help sharpen these skills. We’ve got some great educational games for kindergarten kids that you can explore.

As much as parents try to make kids focus on a textbook, their interest levels are often limited. Their short attention span can be reversed if you bring them a fun game. Preschoolers will enjoy playing the various educational games for kindergarten kids that are available on the SKIDOS apps, and they’re sure to learn a whole lot of academic and social skills through these games. They are curated by a team of experts who understand what will keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning at a decent pace. Check them out.

Shopping Mall

This game will take your kids to the mall virtually. The mall experience is one that we all enjoy. Everything that you do in the mall can be explored in this game. Your kid can pick a character and take them around the mall and engage in a number of activities. Learn about music at the Read more


If your preschooler is making too much of a mess in your kitchen, you can allow them to bake via this game and fulfill their curiosity around the process of cooking in no time. It’s the perfect game for all the young bakers who enjoy mixing around all those ingredients and decorating a Read more

Doctor Game

Kids grasp concepts and new things brilliantly when they are between the ages of 2 and 5. Your preschooler is going to be curious about everything and willing to learn about them. Doctor visits, especially, are something that often makes kids fascinated with the doctor tools and what all they do.Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

School and homework take up a few hours of your child’s day. There’s plenty of spare time, during which parents want kids to learn something more or revise what they’ve learned in school. Our games will keep the kids engaged for a good amount of time and also teach them new concepts and learning in fun, innovative ways. You can track your child’s progress through the dashboard and opt for multi-language support too. Go ahead and explore our 40+ learning apps at SKIDOS now.

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