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Educational Games for Preschoolers to Make an Easy Start to Formal School!

Various studies and parenting books tell us that toddlers grasp a lot more than what we imagine. So we, at SKIDOS, have curated some amazing educational games for preschoolers to enhance their skills and get ready for formal school.
Isn’t it absolutely wonderful when your toddler begins talking and walking? Every first is a milestone that parents want to capture and remember always. As they get older, they grasp and memorize whatever they hear and see. You try to teach them colors, shapes, animals, alphabets, numbers, and more. The age between 2 and 5 years is when their cognitive abilities are sharpening quite rapidly. It is at this age that we must work on improving their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, spatial awareness, and social skills. Our educators at SKIDOS have curated some amazing educational games for preschoolers with this very aim. Here’s a quick look at a few of them.

Animal Coloring

Your kids can pick up various skills without even actually realizing it with this game. There are outlines of adorable animals and the child has to color them. There’s a palette filledRead more

Airplane Game

All kids are fascinated by airplanes. And so, we’ve developed this game for kids to have fun with them while learning a few things. The child has to assemble the airplane before they can takeRead more

Pepi Tree

When we start teaching our kids various things, we tend to begin with animals and trees as they are part of our immediate surroundings. We take them out to the park and Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS​

Parents have so many responsibilities at home and it’s so nice when you can find games that will keep the kids engaged in some fun learning activities. Our games are designed to meet global education standards so that kids can learn various concepts and skills that will help them cope better in school. And the dashboard on all our apps is designed for parents to keep track of their kids’ progress easily. Check out our wide range of educational games for preschoolers on the SKIDOS apps today.

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