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Exciting Math Games for 2nd Graders

As kids grow up, they start enjoying a bit more challenging games than previous ones. Math games for 2nd graders need to be exciting and a little tricky for kids to be engaged in the learning and fun for a longer time.
When kids turn 6 or 7 years old, you can’t keep them occupied with the same old games as they are getting smarter. They can get easily bored with the old things. And, occupying them with only TV is neither possible nor advisable. At this stage, kids need games that will stimulate their minds. The very easy games won’t interest them anymore. So, it’s time to introduce them to exciting new games, with relatively higher difficulty levels. Moreover, when it comes to revising various concepts learned at school, parents will find that online learning games can come in really handy. It can be great for kids to refresh what they’ve learned in a playful way through such games. Here are a few math games for 2nd graders that we think your kids will enjoy.

Snow Racing

Whether it’s winter or not, kids can enjoy snowboarding up and down the mountains with our Snow Racing game. Kids will have a blast taking their favorite character across the snowcladRead more

Brainy City

Like the name, kids will be compelled to effectively use their brain to get through this game. The game starts with all the animals trying to escape the zoo and the kids have to help them in Read more

Polar pong

Here’s another fun animal game where the kid can choose to be a seal, penguin, reindeer, owl or walrus! Pick any of these cute animal characters and play Polar Pong. All you’ve got toRead more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

These fun learning games are sure to make kids happy and parents relieved. When you’re working or need to tend to the house chores, it’s a great way to have the child engaged in something creative, educational, and enjoyable. The games on our SKIDOS app will build concentration, sharpen fine motor skills, and help your kids to practice math, coding, logic, and language. With attractive animations and cheerful sounds, kids are going to have new favorites every week. Go ahead and check them all out today!

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