Exciting Math Games for 3rd Graders

As kids grow up, their interests and aptitudes are evolving. Parents have a responsibility to ensure that the learning evolves with their age too. Most importantly, math is a subject where learning needs to be progressive to keep young minds stimulated. Introducing suitable math games for 3rd graders is the perfect way to sharpen their math skills.
Your 8-year-old’s mind is constantly grasping and learning new things that it’s being introduced to at the stage. It’s the age when they are curious about everything, and when their cognitive abilities are rapidly evolving. However, they outgrow interests very quickly. If something gets too simple, they’ll get easily  bored by it. This is why it’s important to stimulate and challenge their minds with new-age games that will help sharpen their skills and keep them effectively occupied. At SKIDOS, we have a variety of math games for 3rd graders that will do the trick. Here’s a glimpse of a few of them.

Fuel my Party

This is a fun game that has cute little characters and many mini math games within it. The main character, Red, has a birthday party but none of his friends have shown up. And so, kids have got to go and hunt for Red’s friends. The agenda is to collect oil as the game progresses and throw a beach party for the friends. To keep the game going, you’ve got to solve several puzzles along the way – math, logic, and coding. Through this game, kids get to practice their fractions, geometry, logical thinking, and much more! Read more

Snow Race

A survival game that all kids grow to love, Snow Race is designed to be educational and super fun. Choose your character, start skiing on the mountains, and navigate the hurdles that stand in your way. While skiing, many puzzles come up on the screen that need to be solved. Practice math, coding, logical thinking, and more in order to get ahead in the game. Parents can also track the child’s performance on the dashboard to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Read more


Become a mountain climber and scale the heights with this game! Kids have to climb up and down the mountains in this game and collect coins along the way to cross the levels. The levels keep getting tougher as the game progresses. There are loads of math and logic activities that need to be completed to move on to the next levels. These games that include geometry, basic math, fractions, and logic, are designed to challenge the minds of 8-year-olds. The game also has multi-language support to make it more convenient. Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

The many puzzles and mini-games within the SKIDOS games app are curated by professional educators. It’s to ensure that the kids have a useful and relevant learning experience while enjoying games. Math is an important subject that needs to be taught right from an early age, and very often, kids face difficulties with it. However, if made fun and taught appropriately, it can most certainly become one of their favorite subjects. Explore 40+ fun learning games on the SKIDOS app and keep your kids occupied with some enjoyable games that will help enhance their learning naturally.

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