Enhancing Fine Motor Skills in Toddlers

A toddler in the house can be a handful to manage but is also a lot of fun, especially when you play along with them and teach them new skills. Parents are always looking for activities that can help enhance the fine motor skills in toddlers. There are a number of SKIDOS games that can help with that.
The pace at which a toddler’s cognitive and fine motor skills develop is unbelievable. Studies have proven that a child’s mind grasps things at a very high rate. As parents, at times we tend to take things a bit slow with our toddlers when it should be the other way round. There are many simple concepts that we can teach them at an early age itself. Through simple puzzles, games, and activities, toddlers can grasp many skills. Fine motor skills in toddlers like holding a pencil, combing your hair, brushing your teeth, or tying shoelaces etc. can develop easily through practice. Their muscle movement, muscle flexibility, and hand-eye coordination also improves as they perform these activities by themselves on a regular basis. We’ve got some fun games that will enhance the fine motor skills in toddlers in a playful way. Let’s take a look.

Coloring Game

This coloring game has more than 20 pages consisting of adorable animal outlines that kids can color. They can enjoy coloring with a huge variety of colors and patterns. Experiment with brushes of all sizes, and have fun with cool stickers that you can add to your drawing as well. The worksheets are designed to be attractive and appealing to toddlers. Also, there are many simple counting activities within the game that offer more learning opportunities for your toddler. Let them step into the world of color with their favorite crayons or colored pencils and have fun with the animals. Read more

Animal Cube Puzzle

This game helps kids to complete pictures and scenery. There are various jumbled images in the form of cubes. They need to make sense of the cube till it forms the correct image. Kids need to keep flipping each block till the final picture is ready. There are over 30 pictures of cute little animals, including Doctor Fox, Detective Squirrel, Panda the Lifeguard, Lion the Pastry Chef, and many more. Children will learn the names of animals and what they look like through this game. All the animals have careers and costumes making them funny and adorable. Read more


Personal hygiene is one of the first few things that parents endeavor to teach their kids. What better way to teach them about the importance of hygiene than through a fun game. In this game, kids have to take care of the main character and ensure that they perform all the necessary bathroom routine activities for it. Help the character to brush its teeth, draw a bath, use the toilet, wash and iron the clothes, fold the clothes, and finally dress it up. It’s a fun game to get kids to remember the various activities involved in personal hygiene on a daily basis. Additionally, there are also a few simple counting and math mini-games included in the SKIDOS Bath game. Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

While fine motor skills in kids can develop on their own also but if you want to sharpen and enhance them at the right age, there are various activities that can be used to help with that. Games in our SKIDOS app are carefully designed to build focus, improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and many other skills. Kids can learn a lot and benefit immensely from these games while parents can be happy to see them acquiring some good skills everyday. It’s all just a click away at the SKIDOS app.

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