Entertaining Online Games for 5-Year-Olds

While every parent enjoys their kids’ time as toddlers with all the cuddling, their little ones soon outgrow this stage to get sharper minds by the day. Not little babies any longer, kindergarten kids are actually the budding smart kids with parents now on the lookout for more age-appropriate games. It is at this point that their friendship with technology begins. So, why not make their screen time better with the right learning for their minds to grow faster. And we’ve got them right here for you.
The post-kindergarten age is a delicate one as kids are just about beginning their elementary school. It’s the age when they want to imitate everything that people around them do and ask endless questions about all sorts of things. And so, they need engaging games and videos that will keep them occupied, challenge them intellectually, and teach them new, different things every day. We’ve got some really cool and smart games for your 5-year-olds on the SKIDOS app


Before you actually start baking with them in the kitchen, you can introduce them to it in an enjoyable way with our Bakery game. Kids will have fun playing around with putting together the various ingredients like flour, milk, eggs, etc. that go into baking a cake. The main character in the game, Cake Monster, uses actual recipes to bake cakes. Stir the cake mix and put it in the oven, decorate the cake, and serve it to the monster friends! Your little baker will be all set to help you in the kitchen after they play this game. You will also find simple math and coding exercises within the Bakery game that also adds a little learning to all the play. Read more

Fantasy World

One of our most popular games, and suited for almost every age, is the Fantasy World. There are various mysterious islands on the app that the child can explore. These islands have multiple mystical characters and fun activities that kids can engage in as they wade through the magical land. They can make their own dragon, experiment with magical potions, search for the hidden keys, collect magical jewels, and meet gnomes, witches, vampires, and trolls along the way. Also, there are math and logic puzzles that pop up in the game at different levels, ensuring constant learning. Read more

Animal Slide

We’ve all played and enjoyed video games where we have to navigate through obstacles. The Animal Slide game is very similar to that and you can also choose your favorite animal to play the game with. All you have to do is keep going through the ice without crashing into any of the obstacles, in this case, bears. This game is great in improving the hand-eye coordination in children, which is very useful at this stage. There are simple puzzles that the child needs to solve before moving on to the next round. It’s an all-in-one game for your 5-year-olds that’s fun, engaging, and has the right amount of learning. Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

Playing games online is a great way to include healthier tech habits in your children. At SKIDOS, we’ve child specialists to develop games with academic exercise that will engage and also challenge your kids. It helps them to be entertained and also learn new skills. Our app has over 40+ games featuring math, logic, language, and other activities. There are numerous difficulty levels to have your kids coming back for more. Explore the wide range of our wonderful games at SKIDOS now!

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