Exciting Games for 6-Year-Olds

The transition from kindergarten to elementary school can be quite a different experience for both the parents and their 6-year-olds. It’s a fun transition that can be made smooth with the help of some fun-learning games that can help to prepare kids for some of the new concepts they will learn in school.
When your kids start elementary school, it often comes as a sudden realization that they aren’t toddlers, or preschoolers anymore! It feels like they have grown up quickly and the parents have to keep upgrading the various activities and games that they introduce to them. Their minds need to be engaged with activities that will make them think and analyze more. With a short attention span, your 6-year-old needs games that are fun, enriching, and fairly advanced. The simple and old-fashioned ones will bore them easily, so we’re here to help with some new-age games that will keep their minds stimulated. Take a look.

Rabbit Rescue

This bubble shooter game is going to be immensely fun for your 6-year-old. They have to shoot a cluster of bubbles of the same color to free the baby rabbits that are trapped in there. It also helps improve focus and hand-eye coordination in your child. The colors and animations are very vibrant and there are multiple power-ups and boosters that get activated throughout the game. The best part for parents is the math and logic puzzles that pop up between all levels. Also, you can track your kids’ strengths, weaknesses, and progress via the dashboard, and play in the language that you’re most comfortable with. Read more

Smart Bear Boo

Boo is looking for his home and you have to help him get to it. This is another excellent game for kids as they have to navigate through the forest and get the bear home. There are obstacles along the way in the form of bees that you have to be careful of. And, there’s loads of honey that can be collected which will give the kids reward points. There are math and coding mini-games within this game at every level that help kids to retain some new learning along with the fun chase home. Our algorithm is specially designed to challenge the kids’ minds and ensure that they enjoy effortless learning while having fun. Read more


Here’s a game that takes you on a fun train ride, makes you solve interesting puzzles, and teaches you math, all in one! You have to collect wagons along the way and ensure that you collect wagons of the same color to keep the game going longer. There are puzzle pieces that keep appearing on the screen and when solved, they will fetch you more bonus points and unlock new trains. Of course, we’ve added math, coding, and logic mini-games along the multiple difficulty levels so that kids can learn at their own pace. Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

At SKIDOS, we want the kids to be able to learn various academic and social skills through our games. We understand that parents are always on the lookout for games and activities that will help their kids grow in different aspects. Keeping that in mind, our games engage them with challenging scenarios and help them understand many new concepts. We also ensure that they’re having loads of fun while playing them so as to keep their entertainment going all throughout. 

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