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Exciting Games for 9-year-olds to Learn & Play!

4th graders probably already know where their interests lie, but they’re also a lot more open to learn new things at this age. That’s why we’ve got some exciting games for 9-year-olds that parents can explore to keep their kids engaged better.

The age of 9 is totally a fun age as your kid is almost going to be done with elementary school and will be preparing for middle school now. You watch them get all grown up so quickly. They are a lot smarter and tend to enjoy a good challenge now as they are eager to apply their minds to various puzzles and games. Of course, you’ve got to make it fun, or else they may seem uninterested. And we’ve got just what you need. Check out these interesting games for 9-year-olds by SKIDOS.

Wake the Elephant

Here’s a game that requires a good amount of focus and analytical thinking. It will help sharpen problem-solving skills in your child. The game has a sleeping elephant and the aimRead more

Snow Race

This game is surely going to enhance your child’s reflexes and focus. The game is all about a ski race through various landscapes. The child has to jump past hurdles and collect coinsRead more

Smart Boats

Smart boats is one of most fun math games for 9-year-olds kids. This boat racing game comes with an exciting arcade gameplay that’s sure to have kids coming back for more. TheyRead more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS​

The games offered by SKIDOS for 4th graders are entertaining, challenging, and educational. Kids will be able to enhance and sharpen many skills like problem-solving, logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and math. The multi-language support makes it convenient for kids and parents. Also, our games have varying difficulty levels so that kids are always kept challenged. Parents can track the progress of the child on the dashboard. Head over to enjoy the SKIDOS learning game apps today and enjoy the 40+ games that are available.

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