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Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Running out of Halloween activities for the kids? We’ve got some spellbinding options for you! Check out our Halloween games for kids that will engage them in spooky yet fun activities. We’ve added a subtle educational touch too!
October always comes with its mysterious charm. It’s when we bring out those ‘spooktacular’ costumes, catch up on the latest Halloween movies, and get a sugar rush from all the trick-or-treating candy. While there are many events around the city for adults, unfortunately, the Halloween fun ends with trick-or-treating for the kids. So, we’ve come up with a bunch of fun online Halloween games for kids that they can enjoy throughout this festive season. Don’t worry, they aren’t scary, only super enjoyable!

Play and Discover

Our famous ‘Play and Discover’ game is not only filled with activities like jigsaw puzzles and basic math quests but it is also Halloween themed. The easy-to-understand audio instructions will help the kids have fun with the numbers and letters. Kids can find puzzles of their favorite Halloween items, complete them, add spooky features to the completed puzzle, and watch them come alive. Give your pumpkin googly eyes, a pointed nose, or a witch’s hat – let that creativity run wild! This game is perfect for kids aged between 3 and 5 years.


Kids are fascinated by airplanes, so when they get to build their own airplane in this game, it’s a lot of fun. It also helps them develop fine motor skills as they focus and click on each component. For Halloween, we’ve made the planes look like witches and vampires, complete with the hat and cape and everything! Once the plane is ready, kids can fly it into a magical Halloween night, collecting stars and avoiding obstacles along the way. Collect three stars and watch the planes celebrate and perform some really cool Halloween tricks. Kids up to the age of 5 can enjoy this game.

Fantasy World

A little older kids up to the age of 11 will surely enjoy this one. Let them step into their own fantasy world where they can meet Frankenstein, Dracula, and many more of their favorite Halloween characters. Cast a few spells, create some magical potions, seek enchanted creatures that are hidden all over the island, and even try on some wonderful costumes. While navigating through the bewitching island, there are loads of activities involving math, logic, language, and more.

Make Halloween Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

The festivities of Halloween often leave the kids spooked, and sometimes, not in a good way. It doesn’t have to be all about horror films and gory makeup. We’ve found a way to make Halloween extremely enjoyable for the kids. They can get to know the famous Halloween characters in a fun and cute way, engage in activities that will improve their fine motor and cognitive skills, and most importantly, you can have a great festive season, too, because our games will ensure that the kids allow you some time to yourself!

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