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Best Learning Games for 3rd Graders to Make Learning Simpler!

Learning can just not be restricted to classroom lectures or school book lessons. A holistic learning & growth for kids requires extra effort and added exposure to new concepts and skills. Our learning games for 3rd graders at SKIDOS are a great way for parents to introduce their kids to an enjoyable and new-age learning experience at just a few clicks.

Being a 3rd grader is not exactly easy for kids or parents as this is the age when the kids are still in the process of completely forming their academic base. It includes learning key concepts like numbers, alphabets and words and other important concepts & skills that will go a long way for them in future classes. Having a strong base with getting the more initial concepts of subjects like math, language and logical thinking is imperative for an overall good performance in future. The new-age, specifically designed learning games for 3rd graders are a great way to make learning fun and interesting for kids and help them acquire key skills as well as academic lessons in an easy-to-understand and practical manner. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular educational games for 3rd graders at SKIDOS.

Brainy City

As the name suggests, Brainy City is a smart game where kids get to sharpen their mental capabilities. It’s one of the best learning games for 3rd graders to give them a fun learning experience. It’s a cool adventure inRead more


Axeman is another super fun and cool math game for 3rd graders to play and learn some interesting math concepts in a playful manner. The game features beautiful graphics and challenging levels to keep theRead more

Whale Friend

This math game is among the most fun learning games for 3rd graders which offers kids a cute little time with their loving whale friend in the cool blue waters. Which kid doesn’t like to play around in water and whenRead more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

At SKIDOS, our expert educators understand the importance of bridging the existing gaps within our education system in comparison to its application in the real professional world. And so, all the games are carefully designed in a way so as to inculcate many other significant skills aside from academics in kids at the right age. These include logical thinking, analytical, creative and other cognitive skills that play a major role in shaping the kids’ overall personality and psyche. Explore our wide range of age-specific games for your kids between the age group of 2-11 years and view the gradual difference in their learning aptitude & performance for yourself.

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