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Fun Learning Games for 5-Year-Olds to Offer a Healthy Screen Time!

In kindergarten, there are many activities that teachers and educators engage kids in. But when the children are home, parents need some educational and fun activities, too, to keep the kids occupied. We’ve got some fun learning games for 5-year-olds that will benefit both parents and children.
It’s true that kids grow up extremely quickly. One minute, you’re having a cuddly time with them as little toddlers, and the next, you have to prepare to send them off to elementary school. The age of 5 is when kids are just about getting done with their kindergarten and playschool days and, very soon, they will be beginning elementary school. We understand that parents can’t help but worry about their kids. We worry about them getting good grades in school, making friends, pursuing hobbies, and building great social skills that will help them in life and what not. To help parents ease out some of their worries, we’ve got some fun games to sharpen all these vital skills in your children in a playful manner. Here’s a glimpse of some of our best learning games for 5-year-olds.

Shopping Mall

A fun day at the mall can brighten up any dull day. It can be great fun to give the kids an enjoyable experience of visiting the mall virtually, while they are sitting at home.Read more


Here’s a great math game that will smartly challenge your kids and is easily one of the best learning games for 5-year-olds. As the name suggests, your child has got to fish.Read more

Doctor Game

Doctors are pretty much superheroes for all, even the little kids. They fix everything and save the day. At some point in every child’s life, they’ve said that they want to grow up and Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

Kids who are about to begin elementary school are not little babies anymore. They love to learn new things and enjoy games that are challenging. SKIDOS games try to offer quality of learning and some uniqueness for their kids and can also be customized for all age groups so that kids can learn at their own pace. The games also have multi-language support to make it convenient for all parents and kids. Go ahead and check out the 40+ learning apps by SKIDOS today and experience it all for yourself.

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