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Learning games for 5 year olds

When kids are home, parents seek educational and fun activities for them. This helps to keep their little ones occupied. That’s why we have curated a collection of fun learning games for 5 year olds. These games are not only a source of entertainment. They also offer many benefits for both parents and kids. 

Learning games for 5 year olds engage kids in fun and educational activities. These games bring relief to parents since kids stay engaged. Parents can relax knowing their kids are learning math, language, and problem-solving. Kids have fun and develop important skills while playing these games. These games allow parents and kids to learn together at home. Explore our wide range of games and discover the perfect blend of education and fun for your 5 year olds!

We understand the concerns which 5 year olds face when they enter elementary school. We want them to excel in school and develop social skills. This helps them make friends and explore their interests. At SKIDOS, we have curated an amazing collection of learning games for kids of all ages. 

Embark on a captivating educational journey with our range of learning games. These games sharpen essential skills in kids while keeping the fun alive. By taking a playful approach, these interactive activities engage young learners. These games nurture their math and language abilities. From solving math puzzles to exploring language concepts, kids develop crucial problem-solving skills. These games also enhance their creativity and foster social skills through collaborative gameplay.

Our learning games develop a love for learning from an early age. Our games offer more than academic readiness, they set a stage for success for kids. As kids dive into these games, they encourage a positive attitude toward education. They discover the joy of gaining knowledge while having fun. With our selected learning games for 5 year olds, kids gain skills that empower them to thrive. They succeed in school and build strong relationships along with communication skills.   

Discover the endless possibilities and watch your child’s confidence soar.  Watch them navigate our captivating learning games for 5-year-olds. Together, let’s embark on an exciting educational adventure. This will unlock their potential and lay a solid foundation for a bright future.

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Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

When kids reach elementary school, they enter a new phase of learning. Their thirst for knowledge grows and they crave challenging experiences. At SKIDOS, we focus on offering exceptional learning quality for kids. We provide unique learning experiences for your 5 year olds at this crucial stage. Our games cater to kids of all age groups.  We ensure that they can learn at their own pace while enjoying the process. 

SKIDOS has a diverse selection of over 40 learning apps. We offer an extensive range of games that cover a wide array of subjects and skills. Our subjects range from mathematics and language development to developing 21st-century skills. These games foster learning in an engaging and interactive manner. Every kid is unique that’s why our games suit individual learning preferences. 

We understand that language should never be a barrier when it comes to education. Our games have multi-language support. This makes it easy for all kids across the world to engage with learning content. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the SKIDOS universe. Witness the transformative impact of our learning apps. Get a SKIDOS Pass for your kids and let them learn while having fun. Join us today and discover how our games turn learning into an exciting adventure for kids.  


1) What does SKIDOS Pass include?

The SKIDOS Pass is your entry point to the whole collection of SKIDOS learning apps. It includes:

  • We give access to 40+ learning games on iOS & 20 learning games on Android.
  • These games develop 21st-century skills in kids
  • Access to new games that SKIDOS adds to its collection every month
  • Learning content includes exercises in math, numbers & letter tracing for preschoolers. There are fun educational videos for kids of all ages
  • Customizable learning content based on kid’s interests and learning level
  • Option to follow learning progress of a kid in the app or via an email
  • Create up to 6 player profiles with one SKIDOS Pass, login and play from many devices
  • SKIDOS learning games offer a safe & ad-free online learning environment.

2)  How is the curriculum designed for SKIDOS?

 SKIDOS learning games over most global mathematics standards. It includes Common Core Standards and UK National Curriculum. Also, the Australian Year 1 to Year 5 Curriculum. This curriculum meets different curriculum standards by education experts. The animated and interactive exercise design engages kids in learning. Three cute SKIDOS mascots help and encourage your kids on their learning journey. If you have more questions on the curriculum, please write to us at 

3)  Who uses SKIDOS learning games?

Over 4 million kids use SKIDOS learning games from preschool age to 12 years of age (grade 5). SKIDOS learning games:

  • Replace boring math printables and worksheets
  • Turn casual game time on mobile devices into learning time
  • To additionally practice the topics taught in school
  • Bringing parents and children together for fun and educational family time
  • They are also used by over 200 schools to complement lessons taught in the classroom   

4)  Does your app display advertisements?

 No, learning content replaces advertisements in our learning games. SKIDOS learning games are safe and ad-free. 

5)  Key Benefits

For Kids: 

  • Pick-Up and play with the least supervision
  • Fun interesting games for all ages and to every taste 
  • Engaging exercises that make learning fun and easy 
  • Virtual rewards for engagement
  • A huge variety of games that kids love – no more bored kids playing the same game
  • Unique Power-ups and customized accessories and avatars

Parents & Teachers: 

  • Intuitive, safe, and  kid-friendly design
  • Customized Learning for Grades K-5
  • Aligned to global math standards including the Common Core Standards
  • Track progress for each child across grades and topics. Intelligent algorithm to identify areas of strengths & weaknesses
  • No advertising
  • Language-neutral interface with minimal need for verbal directions
  • Possibility to create up to 6 player profiles, login and play from many devices

What are the benefits of SKIDOS?

Neta - SKIDOS Mascot - Flipped

Develop Mathematics & 21st Century Skills

Perfect for kids aged 2-11

45 learning games

New games added every month

Personalized learning Journey

4 million kids playing

Hear from Parents and Teachers

Awards & Recognition