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Top Learning Games for 5th Graders!

5th grade is an important year for kids since it’s their last year in elementary school. So, it’s the year that prepares them to cope with all the learning that’s going to happen in middle school. We’ve got some learning games for 5th graders that will help them grasp a number of learning concepts.

Raising kids is a fun experience; you get to enjoy the small joys and teach them a number of things through the years. Parents want to prepare their kids for everything so that they can grow up to be successful and loved. While they learn a lot in school, parents always look for engaging and fun games that will help their kids revise various learning concepts. At the same time, along with educational concepts, we want them to pick up social and emotional skills too. Don’t worry, at SKIDOS, we’ve got a number of games that are designed by educators to help children sharpen a number of skills across academic and social areas. Here’s a look at some of our learning games for 5th graders.

Brainy City

Here’s a humorous game that your child can learn a lot from. There are a bunch of zoo animals that have escaped from the zoo and are running wild in the city. The aim of the game is to bring all the animals back to safety. Now, your child will have to ensure that the animals don’t get trampled over by Read more

Street Soccer

Whether your kids are going out to play soccer or not, they’ll love this virtual soccer game that we’ve curated for them. They’ve got to play soccer in the streets of a cool city in the game. The animation and sounds are fantastic and there are endless levels so they’ll Read more

Snow Race

If your kids are up for a good challenge, here’s a game that you can download for them. It’s a racing game that all kids unmistakably enjoy. The landscape in the game is that of snowclad mountains, volcanos, and other regions that your child has to ski Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

There are many more learning games for your 5th grader on our 40+ learning apps. They are developed keeping in mind the various academic and social skills a child has to learn as they grow. The games have a dashboard for parents to track the progress of the child. With SKIDOS, you won’t have to worry about your kids wasting their spare time only watching TV or playing video games, because they’ll be enjoying these engaging games and learning a whole lot. Check out the games today.

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