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Enjoyable Math Racing Games for Kids

We all love a good race, don’t we? And while the kids do enjoy the conventional sports race in school, they can also enjoy some cool and different math racing games we’ve curated for them on our apps. It’s a perfect mix of racing fun and learning. Let’s take a look.

The thrill of adventure is enjoyed by everyone, whether it’s a bike race or a treasure hunt. Kids love games that have some excitement and sense of adventure. They get so busy with school and extracurricular activities, so these math racing games are the perfect way for them to have some fun along with a bit of math practice. We understand that parents want their kids to be occupied with games that have a bit of learning too. Our educators and developers have specifically created these games keeping the global learning standards in check. Here’s a glimpse of some of them.

Bike Racing

Here’s an exciting racing game for kids. Your child can choose their avatar and the bike they like best. They’ve got to race up and down hills and mountains, across deserts, and many more fascinating landscapes. They’ll even find their bike underwater Read more

Race Cars

If your child prefers cars to bikes, then this is the game you can engage them in. There are monster trucks that are racing, and your child can pick their favorite one to race with. The animation, sounds, and various landscapes in the game are amazing.  Read more

Snow Race

And finally, if they don’t want cars or bikes, we’ve got skis. The Snow Race game is another one of the cool math racing games that has loads of fun and learning in it. Your child has to ski through the mountains and avoid the various obstacles that stand in Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

These are some of the best math car racing games for kids and they can also find many more such interesting games on the SKIDOS learning apps that will help sharpen various academic and social-emotional skills. There’s multi-language support and a dashboard where you can track your child’s progress. Also, there are varying difficulty levels in all the games so that kids of all ages can enjoy and learn. Go through the wide range of fun games with SKIDOS today to help your kids learn better.

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