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Bath - Preschooler Learning Games


Hygiene routines for toddlers: taking baths, washing hands, potty training, etc.

Fun learning tasks while playing

Activities to trace letters & numbers

Math tasks for preschoolers

Engaging educational videos

Suitable for age 2+

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With SKIDOS games, you get features like:

  • Access to 40+ safe & ad-free preschool learning games and school going kids ( till 9 years old)
  • Tracing letters & numbers for preschoolers
  • Simple math tasks while playing
  • Engaging educational videos
  • Customized exercises as per your child’s age & interests
  • New games added every month
  • Up to 6 users allowed with one account
  • Weekly reports for your kid’s progress
  • Expert tips on parenting & 21st century skills
  • Global learning standards
  • Intelligent algorithm to help the child learn at their own pace
  • Multi-language support


Bath” is one of our preschooler learning games. Here we’ve turned the ordinary bathroom routine into a delightful journey for kids. Through captivating animations, children step into the role of little helpers. This game engages them in a variety of fun bath time activities. Our goal is to infuse joy and laughter into these tasks. This makes them not only educational but also highly entertaining. It’s a fantastic way for young ones to learn while having a blast.

We believe in taking the mundane and transforming it into something extraordinary. With our Preschooler Learning Games, we’ve done just that. We want to create a world where children can immerse themselves in the magic of learning. We’re dedicated to providing smart and playful experiences. This captivates kids’ imaginations.  Here, the simplest activities become unforgettable adventures filled with curiosity and wonder.

The app has 7 different scenes:

  • At the sink
  • In the bath
  • Going to the toilet
  • Taking care of the clothes
  • Dressing up
  • Laundry room
  • Playtime

Importance of preschooler learning games

The age at which children are in their preschool is a very tender age. At this time, their young minds can easily be attracted or distracted. Even by any audio-visual aids. It becomes important to provide them with the right learning aids that are age-appropriate. This helps kids to get a good hang of learning the basics like colors, alphabets and numbers in order to be prepared for formal school. Preschooler learning games available online at SKIDOS are a quick, easy and very effective mode of learning for kids at this stage. They can not only learn in a playful manner. This makes it seem almost like effortless learning but also start getting more independent by doing it on their own.

At SKIDOS, our experts understand the specific needs of children at every age. They carefully select learning exercises that are relevant and simple for kids through fun mobile app games. This game has adorable animations, happy sounds, coupled with smart learning concepts in the form of exercises at every level.  Thus, it makes “Bath” the perfect preschooler learning game for your kids.

Why Subscribe to Bath Learning Game from SKIDOS for Kids?

Are you ready to dive into a world of fun and learning with your preschooler? Look no further than SKIDOS’ Bath Learning Game! 
Why should you subscribe to this amazing game for your little one? Well, let us make it crystal clear – it’s the perfect way to turn bath time into a learning adventure!
1. Splashy Learning Fun: 
Say goodbye to boring bath times! With SKIDOS’ Bath Learning Game, your preschooler can enjoy interactive and engaging activities. All while getting squeaky clean. Learning and play go hand in hand in this fantastic game.
2. Educational Goodies: 
SKIDOS knows how to make learning exciting. Inside this game, your child will discover a treasure trove of educational activities. These cover essential preschool skills. From math to language development, it’s all packed in there!
3. Skill Building in Style: 
With this game, your preschooler will sharpen their math and reading skills in an engaging way. They won’t even realize they’re learning – it’s like sneaking veggies into their favorite meal!
4. Parent-Approved: 
SKIDOS’ Bath Learning Game has been crafted with love and expertise by educators. Rest assured, it’s both safe and educational. You can trust that your little one is in good hands.
5. Progress Tracking: 
As a parent, you can keep an eye on your child’s progress. You can see how they’re excelling in different areas of learning. With our advanced learning reports, tracking your kid’s learning progress becomes easy.
6. Endless Entertainment: 
No more begging your child to hop in the bath. With this game, they’ll eagerly jump in, knowing that a world of fun and learning awaits. Bath time battles? Say goodbye to those!
7. No Ads, No Worries: 
We understand that online ads can be a concern for parents. That’s why SKIDOS ensures that there are no pesky ads or pop-ups to disrupt the learning flow. Your child’s focus will stay right where it should be – on learning and having a blast!
So, why wait? Subscribe to SKIDOS’ Bath Learning Game today. Turn every bath time into a fantastic learning adventure for your preschooler. They’ll love it, and you’ll love watching them grow and thrive while having a splashing good time! 

What will you get with a SKIDOS Pass Subscription?

– Get access to 40+ SKIDOS fun learning games
– The complete mathematics fundamentals from basic to advanced level
– Practice Math with fun activities
– Track how your child is improving her math accuracy
– Identify the strong & weak areas of your child so that you can give them a hand
– See your child’s progress in math and the impact on their grades in school
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