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Potty Training Hacks

If you’re a new parent, there’s a high chance you’ll have many questions as to how and when to potty train your child, and whether or not you’re doing it right. Let us help you make that a little easier!
Having kids in the house is wonderful – it fills the home with laughter and fun. If you choose to have kids, raising them can be enjoyable as well as a little overwhelming. One important lesson that parents try to get right at an early age is potty training. Being potty trained helps the kids be more comfortable at school, on road trips, and any other time when they need to be out of the comfort of their homes, thereby being a relief to the parents.

Where to begin?

  1. As your toddlers start growing up, it’s one of the first things you try to teach them. Instead of getting used to constantly changing diapers, you could start with small steps that will help the child get potty trained. For instance, instill confidence in the child.

  2. Get them to wear underwear instead of diapers and encourage them by saying things like “you’re a big girl/boy, I know you can go to the toilet just like mommy and daddy.” or “all you have to do is tell me when you want to go potty or pee. You can do it!”.

  3. You could also get a portable potty and place it at a convenient spot in the house and teach them to communicate with you when they want to use the toilet. Another tip is to create a potty schedule if the child has one. So, every day at around that time, you could remind your kid to try and use the potty.

  4. These small habits will help your little ones get potty trained faster and, in turn, they will learn to control and regulate their bathroom needs.

  5. Today, kids love screens – smartphones, TVs, tablets, and just about any other gadget on which they can watch fun videos. So why not make use of these devices when it comes to potty training too? There are several mobile apps that show easy-to-understand explanatory scenes on hygiene habits. These apps will help them understand, through animated videos and games, how to go about taking care of themselves and adopting good habits.

Bath: Learning Games for Kids

This app by Skidos helps kids learn personal hygiene through a series of mini games that are suitable for children aged 2 years and above. The app consists of 7 different scenes related to hygiene: kids can help cute

Parents should try and make their kids independent and responsible from a young age. As early as possible, it will be nice to potty train children. And why wouldn’t you want to save money on all those wipes and diapers? Go ahead, download the Skidos Bath app and help your kid learn self-control, hygiene, and confidence!

What are the benefits of SKIDOS?

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