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SKIDOS educational games are designed to teach young children basic mathematics, alphabets, words and pronunciation, phonics & strengthen their vocabulary & reading skills. English, Math & Coding games for 4, 5, 6 year old Kids:

Latest news

Oct 12, 2017 / Press

14 fast-moving Copenhagen start-ups to watch in 2018

SKIDOS is an edtech start-up that relocated to Copenhagen from New Delhi. Led by Aditya Prakash, the company has created a software development kit that helps developers...

Oct 5, 2017 / Press

Adi vil gøre børn klogere, mens de spiller spil på tablets og telefoner

Adi Prakash har stiftet spilfirmaet SKIDOS for at gøre op med kedelig undervisning. Efter en større millionindsprøjtning er de klar til at revolutionere...

Aug 28, 2017 / Press

SKIDOS on TechCrunch

SKIDOS, an edtech startup based in Copenhagen after relocating its HQ from New Delhi, offers an SDK to help games developers turn casual games into “learning apps”...

Jan 7, 2016 / Press

Fast Paced Mental Math Game App for Kids

Do you have children who like playing games? They will love this app Milk Hunt Kids Math Game. It is a fast paced game app where kids...

Jan 7, 2016 / Press

Edtech startup gør klar til at bruge millioninvestering

I juli landede det danske edtech startup Skidos en investering på 4,75 millioner kroner. Nu skal de hyre de rigtige folk til at sikre dem næste...


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