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Puzzle Math Games for Kids to Help Improve their Analytical Skills!

Math, if only taught from a textbook, can be a bit boring and kids may lose interest in it, but if taught via fun games and activities, math can be your child’s best friend. Check out the exciting puzzle math games by SKIDOS.


Super Fun & Educational Puzzle Games for Kids

Let’s face it, math is everywhere. Whether we’re counting how many chocolates need to be bought for the kids or how many slices the pie needs to be cut into, we’re always doing mental math. This is why we want our kids to get a hold of math concepts from an early age. While we may not really use trigonometry or derivatives in our everyday lives, we sure will use some of the common math concepts. A strong math foundation will lead to logical reasoning and analytical skills as well. And you won’t have to worry about them coping in school because they will do so effortlessly. Let’s take a quick look at some interesting puzzle math games by SKIDOS to help kids understand math in an easy & enjoyable manner.

Go Ball

We’re familiar with the classic maze games that we played as kids. This is similar to the maze game, but there’s a twist. Here, the maze is jumbled and the player needs to unjumble the maze and create a path for the ball to pass through. With every level, the maze gets Read more

Animal Cube Puzzle

This is the perfect game for your toddler to understand problem-solving. It’s a fun game for kids aged between 2 and 4. There are multiple animal cubes with the animals portrayed in the most adorable and amusing way. You’ve got Doctor Fox, Detective Squirrel, Panda Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

Whether your child is a toddler, preschooler, or older, we’ve got a wide range of games including puzzle math games for all of them. The games can be customized and difficulty levels can be set by you. We understand that each child has a different learning pace. To help you keep track, there’s a dashboard that will show you your child’s progress. Through this dashboard, you can also learn where their interests lie and what are their strengths and weaknesses. There’s multi-language support and you can rest assured that the games are designed as per global learning standards. Parents have many responsibilities so we have curated games that your kids can play on their own and at the same time, learn a number of concepts. Explore the 40+ learning game apps by SKIDOS today.

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