Puzzles for 4-Year-Olds Online

We all love a good challenge, don’t we? Well, so do kids! There’s no need to look for puzzles for 4-year-olds online anymore because we’ve curated the best ones for you at SKIDOS!

As much as we want our toddlers to remain toddlers, they grow up and have to be sent to kindergarten. We can’t help but worry a little bit about how much they have to learn in school. To ensure that they have a balanced life and holistic growth, we want them to do well in school, participate in some extracurricular activities, remain active, and pursue a hobby or two. To ensure that they are able to do all this, parents are always looking up puzzles for 4-year-olds online to help them develop skills and have an alert mind. It’s through these puzzles that kids learn various skills like creative thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving. At SKIDOS, we’ve developed some puzzle games for your 4-year-old that will help sharpen all those skills. Here’s a look at a few of them.

Puzzle Game

Puzzle games are important to sharpen a number of skills in children. When they learn to apply their minds, we’re preparing them to be problem solvers. It promotes creative thinking in the child. This game by SKIDOS has a number of adorable jigsaw puzzles that are farm-themed. Along with problem-solving, they’ll learn about animals too.Read more

Fairy Tale

Toddlers and preschoolers are fascinated by fairytales. It’s the age when they start reading storybooks and are introduced to mythical characters. This game is the perfect way to bring all those characters to life. There are 3D puzzles where the child has to match the pieces correctly and bring the puzzle to life. There are Read more

Sort & Stack

You could say this is the online version of the building blocks your child plays with at home. Instead of stepping over the blocks all around the house, you can get your child to play this game! It’s fun and there’s loads of learning included too. There are 3D puzzles that need to be stacked correctly to form the final image. Children will learnRead more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

There are various subjects, skills, and concepts that are included in early learning. These teachings are extremely important to set a good academic and social foundation for children. The games offered by SKIDOS are designed keeping early learning and global learning standards in check. There are multiple levels in all the games with varying difficulty levels so that all kids can enjoy playing them for a long time. The dashboard in the game allows parents and educators to monitor the child’s progress. And there are no advertisements to ensure uninterrupted fun and learning. Check out the 40+ learning apps today!

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