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Easy Puzzles for 5-Year-Olds for a Healthy Screen Time

SKIDOS has brought some very easy and interesting puzzles for 5-year-olds that are designed to help children grow intellectually and socially as per their age.
Parents, we’re sure you’ll agree that the age of 5 is when kids are the most curious. They ask questions about everything and are eager to learn how everything in the world works. This is because their cognitive abilities are developing and they’re beginning to understand how to apply their minds in various scenarios. This is the best time for you to help sharpen those cognitive skills. Expose them to games and activities that are challenging and stimulating. Skills like analytical thinking and problem-solving that are learned through some fun games help shape the child’s mind better. Here’s a glimpse of some puzzles for 5-year-olds that SKIDOS games offer for your kids.

Fairy Tale

Your kids are going to enjoy this magical game filled with mystical puzzles. There’s a map marked with various lands, and each land opens up into a jigsaw puzzle. Kids have to fit theRead more

Puzzle Game

Let your kids learn about farm animals while they apply their minds to solve a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle game has more than 10 varieties of puzzles with cute little farm animals. Duckling, cow,Read more

Shape Sorter

Here’s a game that has animals, colors, shapes, alphabets, numbers, and a whole lot of fun things. Kids have got to match the piece with the correct shape. There are puzzles of animals, numbers,Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

SKIDOS uses various algorithms to ensure that the games and puzzles are engaging and educational. There are expert educators who follow global learning standards that work on creating the best experience for kids through our games’ smart content. You can let your child learn at the pace they are comfortable with and track their progress on the dashboard that’s available on all the learning apps. Go ahead and explore the 40+ SKIDOS learning apps today, you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the fun learning.

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