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Spelling City Games for Kids to Improve their Language Learning!

Kids who can spell words easily are naturally more confident to frame full sentences and also to read more fluently from an early age itself. To make this easier and quicker, SKIDOS has some fun spelling city games that kids will enjoy learning with.

Parents always notice that children grasp concepts and new learnings exceptionally well when brought to them in the form of a game or fun activity. It’s far more effective than teaching them from a book. If they can have fun with it or relate to it, they retain it faster. Smart parenting is to find these learning games and puzzles that will help them grow intellectually and socially. Spellings form an important part of learning. It leads to good writing, reading, and comprehension. This is why schools focus so much on Spelling Bee competitions and spelling quizzes. We’ve got a few spelling city games at SKIDOS that will add a whole lot of fun to the art of spelling learning.


In this game, kids can build their own little town while learning how to spell. The basic levels will teach kids alphabets and phonetics. As they level up, they will also learn to spell more than 150 words in the English language. After learningRead more


As the name suggests, kids have to fish in this game but with a twist, of course. Instead of catching the fish, they’ve got to fish for letters. It’s a brilliant game that focuses on memorizing the alphabet. The alphabet or number thatRead more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

SKIDOS games are designed for various age groups keeping in mind the cognitive skills kids have at a particular age. All games have multiple difficulty levels and various modes so that the kids can be entertained, educated, and occupied for a good amount of time. Moreover, kids will subconsciously pick up various academic and social learnings while having a delightful time playing these games. With multi-language options and the dashboard feature, parents will find that the SKIDOS learning apps are a great way for their kids to learn. Check out the 40+ SKIDOS games available today.

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