Thrilling Math Games for 4th Graders

Whether your 4th grader is being homeschooled or is in elementary school, math is a vital subject that they need to practice regularly. And sometimes, when it gets tough, it’s on parents and teachers to make it fun. Math games for 4th graders by SKIDOS will definitely do the trick for your kid.
Your 9-year-old is very likely to grow to love math if you find new, creative ways to make it fun and easy to understand. If not, math is going to be their perpetual enemy. As your kid gets older, you need to retain their interest and keep them engaged in learning. There are various games, puzzles, and other activities that can be incorporated in their learning schedule to make math seem simple and enjoyable. When the books get monotonous, parents can resort to more fun activities for their kids that will challenge their inquisitive minds. Here’s a glimpse of some exciting math games for 4th graders on the SKIDOS app.

Brainy City

In this hilarious game, there’s a bunch of zoo animals who have escaped the zoo and are running wild in the city. Kids have got to ensure that they don’t get hit by traffic, alligators, and other crazy obstacles. Everytime your child avoids an obstacle, they will collect coins that can be used for powerups. And many more characters can be unlocked by solving the simple and fun math puzzles and coding games that appear on the screen. This is a colorful, crazy, and brilliant game that kids will enjoy playing. Read more

Smart Boats

You’ve got a boat, and you’ve got to make sure it doesn’t sink or crash! In Smart Boats, all kids have to do is navigate their boat on the screen with their thumb. There’s an obstacle in the way and you have to use focus and presence of mind to see that the boat doesn’t crash into any of the rocks or other boats in the sea. Steer the boat past the other boats to win the race. While doing so, kids have to solve the math puzzles that pop up on the screen. There are simple audio instructions and fun pictures that make the puzzles even more interesting. Read more

Go Ball

We all remember the maze game we would play when we were kids. We’d find them in the magazines and puzzle books. Go Ball is a similar game except your kid has to unjumble the maze to create a path for the ball to get to the other end. It begins with easy levels and gets more complex as you progress to higher levels. After completing each level, there are simple math and coding puzzles that the child has to solve before they can attempt the next level. It’s a great game that allows kids to tap into their problem-solving abilities and analytical skills. Read more

Make Learning Fun for Kids with SKIDOS

Your kids are surely going to enjoy these math games and puzzles that are available on the SKIDOS game app. These are only a handful of them while you can find plenty of more such games to choose from among the 40+ educational games available on SKIDOS. Don’t wait too long, check them out today to give your kids productive screen time.

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