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Like… Professor Snape from Harry Potter

As… Magneto

Nothing can be better than experience

You have spent so many years at the school that you know what kind of student they are with a simple look.  There are no surprises for you. Teaching is an exhausting profession; probably you were the Innocent teacher at the beginning.

Your strength: Instilling fear: It petrifies everyone in the class. You know exactly how to use it for your own purposes: To teach the lesson!

Your weakness: Disinterest. Monotone voice and repetitive lessons can make everyday longer and boring.

Life is full of surprises…We promise!

Wisest Celebrities

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SKIDOS celebrity image
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Think we made a mistake? Check out the other teacher styles to see if one suits you better.

While many teacher books have been written, none is a definitive guide. Whatever type of teacher you are, remember there is no right or wrong way to teach if you are doing it with the best intentions and a lot of love.





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