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5 Engaging Reading Games for Kids to Boost Their Literacy Skills

Jun 9, 2023

Fun spelling games for kids to help enhance literacy

Do your kids know how to spell their names? It’s the first word we spell! Alphabets are the foundation of the English language. Speaking, writing, communicating, and reading start with learning the alphabet letters. 

The English Alphabet has 26 letters. Each of them has its special shape and sound. Kids learn the alphabet to understand how words form. Once your kid recognizes letters and their sounds, they can spell words and develop their sentences. 

Learning how to spell is a process that can start at a young age. Fun spelling games for kids make the experience fun, fresh, and enjoyable. These games nurture their creativity and focus on special skills that can make a difference in the learning experience. 

Keeping your kid’s age in mind, SKIDOS educators have made the most out of the learning process and have created a list of 5 engaging reading games to boost your kid’s literacy skills. 

Spell and Play!

1) Town 

This is one of the spelling games for 9-year-olds and below in SKIDOS, where your kids will learn spellings in a fun, easy and entertaining way. It tries to lay a foundation for learning English. It has cute sounds and animations which makes learning spellings fun and attracts kids. Moreover, they can also practice basic math skills. 

Skills learned: Spellings, Math 

Download Town on iOS

2) Bath 

Bath is a fun game where kids learn about personal hygiene habits in a fun way. The cute characters in the game need to take care of their hygiene and the player has to help them with the same. Your kid will learn how to brush their teeth, take a bath, potty train, dress up, fold clothes, etc. Your kids will apply the same habits in their own life and will learn how to take care of themselves. Along with taking care of their hygiene, we have included some basic English puzzles too so that the kids learn while playing the game. 

Skills learned: Literacy, Math 

Download Bath on iOS and Android

3) Shape Sorter

Shape Sorter is one of the fun learning games for 4-year-olds and above, where your kids will learn about the alphabet, colors, animals, and shapes with matching puzzles. They get to play with cute animals and indulge in animal sounds, colors, and shapes that help them learn new words and develop focus and problem-solving skills. 

Skills learned: Literacy, Math, Problem-solving 

Download Shape Sorter on iOS and Android

4) Hedgehog 

Join Heston in his fascinating adventure and enjoy this interactive audio fairy tale. It’s a story about a hedgehog who gets lost in a forest and needs to find a way back home. Your kid is introduced to different characters, forest dwellers, and fairies. They will learn phonetics and new words with this amusing fairytale. 

Skills Learned: Literacy 

Download Hedgehog on iOS and Android 

5) Play & Discover

With this game, your kids can solve colorful puzzles with different letters, shapes, animals, fruits, numbers, and colors. This fun-solving puzzle game will help your kids read better and introduce them to new words. They are introduced to their first alphabet through this game. 

Skills Learned: Literacy, Problem-Solving 

Download Play & Discover on iOS 

Spelling games for kids in SKIDOS are created to lay a good foundation that leads to better fluency while speaking and improves reading skills and comprehension. This will help your kid become a talented speaker in the future.

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Explore SKIDOS spelling games for kids today! 


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