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5 Fun Educational Activities to do with young kids

May 26, 2023

Not just play or learn, your child can do both!

Does your kid often yell, “I’m Bored!”? Admit it- this is the part where you know how challenging it can be to find fun yet educational activities for young kids.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep them busy, there is always one challenge- their short attention span. Fun educational activities are an excellent way for a kid’s overall development since they make learning less stressful and enjoyable and develop a love for lifelong learning. We have created a list of 5 fun educational activities to do with young kids that you can try today.

5 Fun Educational Activities to do with young kids-

1)   Visit the zoo

A fun day at the zoo offers incredible learning opportunities and sparks immense curiosity among kids. While exploring, kids can develop valuable skills and gain skillful knowledge. Spending time at the zoo with family and friends encourages a healthy lifestyle of bonding. It is the perfect day trip for any season! 

While walking around the zoo, kids are introduced to many words and concepts. It encourages conversation between parents, kids, and siblings. While exploring the zoo, make sure you name every animal and ask questions.  

Visiting a zoo teaches kids the importance of taking care of the environment to protect the animals. Zoo teaches families about conservation and animal care.

Skills learned: Vocabulary and Comprehension

2)    Nature Art

Kids don’t like to be indoors all the time. It’s fun to go on a walk together around your neighborhood (if you have a backyard, that’ll work too!) and collect items.

 Collect items like fallen leaves, sticks, flowers, pebbles, and anything else you or your kids come across. Once you are back home, glue these items to cardboard and make fun artwork. Let this be a Nature art journal for your child to have fun with! Such activities help your kids find happiness and beauty in the small and simple parts of everyday life!

Skills learned: Social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and creativity

3)    Gardening

Many kids enjoy getting their hands dirty and gardening is the perfect activity for them. Gardening can be fun and educational. It helps in developing new skills.

Kids become responsible for taking care of plants. They are understanding towards the plants as they learn the cause and effect of gardening. For example, plants die without water, etc. They develop self-confidence as they achieve their goals of growing their food. They develop a love for nature and get a chance of learning about the outdoors in a safe and nice environment.

They learn about the basics of the science of plants, animals, weather, the environment, and nutrition. They learn to cooperate since it’s a team effort put in by the family. Kids become creative and find new ways to grow food.

Skills Learned: Responsibility, Understanding, Self-confidence, Cooperation, and Creativity

4)   Baking Game

Are your kids interested in baking? Are you afraid of letting them use the oven? Well, we have got you covered with our baking game!

SKIDOS Bakery is a fun game where your kid learns to bake a cake and creates beautiful cakes along with cute monsters. While baking cakes, your kid will be asked to solve math puzzles which help in developing basic math skills. Bakery helps them learn new words and verbs like frosting. 

Skills learned: Vocabulary, verbs, and basic math

Download Bakery on iOS or Android

5)    Puppet Making

Kids love making their own stories. Tell your kid to come up with a story for a puppet show. Let them choose their favorite genre- from action to drama to fantasy.

Remember, a puppet show doesn’t have any limitations. If your kid is inspired by their superhero, it’s okay! Sky’s the limit.

Once you have a story in place, it’s time to create a puppet theater. You can start by cutting a cereal box and then cut out a theater-top shape in the middle panel of the box. To create your stage, cut a big rectangle.

It’s time to create the characters! You can make sock puppets, use paper bags, etc. Look around your house and use the materials easily accessible like buttons, crayons, and markers to design the physical features of the puppets and make them come to life.

 Now that you have everything ready, it’s showtime! 

Puppet shows are a great activity to develop the skills of storytelling in your kids. Your kid is allowed to role-play and explore new personalities. They become creative and develop their imagination with this activity. Brownie Points: Making puppets and the theater develops their motor skills.

Skills learned: Storytelling, creativity, and motor skills

Sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with fun educational activities when your kids get bored. If this is something you have been worrying about, we hope our list has helped you plan your next activity! 

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