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5 Movies to share with your Kids!

Feb 5, 2016

Today is kids & family movie day! We have selected 5 movies
to share with your kids and enjoy the weekend in the family.
We promise tons of fun with these movies!

The Incredibles (2004) : (A lot of actions and fun for the entire family)

The Incredibles movie is about superheroes, and that means big action and stunning visuals, unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. But that’s just window dressing in a story that’s really about the importance of family and what yours can accomplish if you stick together. It’s also about being unafraid to stand out,
a movie about the importance of actually achieving and being rewarded for it.
It’s important for the kids to get part of the message and realize that their
parents are their superheroes

Recommended Age: 7 and up

Disney Animated Films movies: 

It seems Impossible to pick one or two movies from Disney’s massive library of 2D animated movies, so I’m making it a point to share them all. Good plan for a weekend with kids.

Recommended Age: 4 and up

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

The story of an overweight panda learning Kung Fu to take on the baddest of
the bad is fun, a lot of fun. The action is brilliantly done and the characters are beautifully drawn. Kung Fu is affecting adults but he will blow your kids away!

Recommended Age: 6 and up

Harry Potter

While you should watch Harry Potter at any time of the year (can you tell we’re fans?),  There is something about Harry boarding the Hogwarts Express that really evokes that start-of-the-school-year, fall feeling. Oh…and there’s magic and witches, too! The first few movies are aimed at younger children while the later ones are better suited to their older, tween siblings.

Recommended Age: 7 and up

Pixie Hollow Games (2013)

 Beautifully animated fairy tale teach about teamwork. The story centers on two very different coworkers who learn to set aside their
differences and work as a team, and the experience changes each one for
the better. Friendship, positive role models, and fair play are celebrated,
and the show inspires kids to look at their world from a new (and much shorter)

Recommended Age: 4 and up

The SKIDOS team wishes you a happy Friday and a great weekend ahead!


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