Raising kids can be said to be the toughest & the most rewarding job in the world. Seeing your little tots grow to be responsible adults is one of the most satisfying feelings one can experience.

The child-parent relationship has a major influence on child development. Parenting skills & behaviors make an impact on the self-esteem, school achievement, cognitive development & behavior of children. Here are 3 tips for you to lay the foundation of a strong child-parent relationship :

Parenting tips
  • Promote Self-Sufficiency

Kids are capable of much more than we think. Encourage them to take care of their chores. Ask them first: “Can you do this yourself without dad’s/mom’s help?”.  Make sure that if they do anything incorrectly, you show them the right way in a gentle manner instead of correcting them.

  • Turn Responsibilities Into Games

Games are a great tool to teach healthy habits to children. If your child refuses to do something, try turning it into a game. It’ll help your child learn daily habits. Learning games help build learning habits in toddlers.

  • Always Follow A Pattern

Create a routine for most daily habits. Always let a fun activity follow after a boring task. A sense of reward helps children focus &  take the task seriously. Involve your kids in the planning process & let them know that they’ll get to play with their toys only after they’ve put their books in order.

Parenting tips
  • Be A Role Model

Remember, your child learns by seeing you. Set a good example for your child by following healthy habits & make sure your child sees you showing empathy to people around you. Be an active listener & give your child the attention he/she deserves.

  • Show Unconditional Love

Even if your child makes a mistake, show them their fault in a gentle & caring way. Strive to nurture & encourage your child instead of blaming or criticizing them. Being gentle while correcting them & they’ll reach out to you every time they make mistakes. Remember, your child must feel safe to share their emotions with you without fear of being reprimanded.

Being a parent can be challenging but seeing your child grow is probably the most satisfying & fulfilling experience on this planet. Keep following this space for more blogs on parenting, education & much more!

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