6 Ways to Sharpen Your Child’s Skills This Summer

By July 24, 2020November 2nd, 2020Curiosities, Kids Activities, Parenthood
Ways to sharpen kid's skills in summer

Tired of the home-schooling? We hear you. It can’t be easy to suddenly go from being a parent to being a parent and a teacher. All the extra-curriculars that would have been done in school apart from the academics, now need to be done in the form of summer games 2020 at home to sharpen your child’s skills.

You must be in a fix wondering what are the different games for 5, 6 and 7 year olds that can be played at home. Well, it isn’t all that bad. We bring you a fun list of activities and brain teaser games for kids that can be played at home, and it doesn’t include watching TV all day.

1. Improve Games

Get their minds running with a bunch of improve games like storytelling, skits and charades. For storytelling, the rules can be that everyone has to add one line at a time to the story. The first person starts with, maybe, “Once upon a time, there lived a queen in a castle” and then the remaining players keep adding a sentence at a time to the story.

This will open up their minds to imaginative thinking. Be ready for a whole lot of plot twists and imaginary characters! On another day, the same story that was narrated by the family can be put up as a skit for the family.


Your home will be filled with this beautiful energy and excitement as everyone picks a character, rehearses dialogues and makes costumes out of bedsheets, utensils, jewellery and old clothes. These activities will help kids with their creative thinking, language and memory, and, of course, provide the ultimate family-fun nights making your summer games 2020 a success.

2. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be done in various way. The aim is to have the kids be mentally and physically active. You could make a list that includes clues to items you have hidden in the house and clues to items that are in their everyday places. A few puzzle games for kids can also be included as part of the hunt. For example, few of them could be:

    1. 3 items from your school bag
    2. Timmy’s favourite teddy bear that has been hidden in the house
    3. Any 2 items that are green
    4. What we use to comb our hair

Once you have made your list, set a time limit and let them begin. Watch the madness and fun unfold as they run around excitedly trying to complete the hunt.

3. Obstacle Course

This is a great activity that can be set up in your backyard or living room. Build an obstacle course that will need your kids to use different parts of their brain.

Through this activity, they can work on their motor skills as well as cognitive skills. Use ropes, cushions, chairs, hula hoops, etc and create a bunch of hurdles for them. The rules are simple; get from one side to the other side by following the simple instructions.

They will have something to walk over, jump over, crawl under, hop around, etc. If you’d like, there are various puzzle games for kids that can be part of the obstacle course. A riddle or a mini math quiz for example. There are endless ways of conducting a scavenger hunt, and it is always enjoyable.

4. Music Activities

There’s never a dull moment when music is involved. We all know that it’s easier to remember songs than exam answers!

This is because anything that is sung stays in your memory faster and longer than what has been said or read. Taking advantage of this fact, you could have various music related activities to work on your child’s cognitive skills.

These could include dance along videos and action songs. They will concentrate on the dance steps and listen to the lyrics. This activity will help with memory, motor skills and language.

5. Brain Games

Simple brain games like I Spy and Simon Says also go a long way in sharpening the child’s skills and mind.

When you’re playing Simon Says, you could say things like “Simon says to recite a poem that you learned at school”, “Simon says to jump twice and hop 4 times” or “Simon says to draw a scenery and bring it to mom”. There are numerous activities including puzzle games for kids that can be involved in the Simon Says game that will keep the kids mentally and physically occupied.

Similarly, I Spy is another game that helps the child be observant. When you say, “I spy with my little eye something small and blue”, the child will keenly look around and search for a match. This helps him recollect colors and shapes, making the fun activity productive as well.

6. Fun With Colors

Drawing, sketching, coloring, painting and other activities that involve color will always be the go-to fun-filled activities for children and parents.

These are ideal games for 5, 6 and 7-year olds to help child’s skills. Drawing and coloring allow the child to concentrate and get creative, and thankfully for the parents, it’s a pretty time-consuming activity. Once the kids get busy with colors, they are consumed in a world of their own.

Brain teaser games for kids like Finding Waldo, Sudoku, math puzzles and the Rubik’s cube are a few other exciting games that help kids sharpen their minds.

Wonder about how to sharpen your child’s skills without taking your time?

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