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Activities for Kids with ADHD

Jan 25, 2022

Kids with ADHD can benefit a lot by participating in activities and games that will help them control their feelings and prevent abrupt emotional outbursts. Let’s explore some activities for kids with ADHD to support them in coping up better.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD, is a condition in children where their minds are unable to pay attention to things for more than a certain amount of time. They struggle with focus and concentration and often have a challenging time following orders or sitting still. While people see it as a disability, it really isn’t anything that can’t be worked upon. There’s no cure for it but it can be controlled and treated with suitable activities and some medication. Parents who have children dealing with ADHD must ensure that they have timely visits to the doctor and should try to follow the schedules and plans set by the special educators. Therapy is their best friend that will not only help them understand things better but also give them a medium to communicate all that they feel. And that’s also why activities and games are key to kids with ADHD, to have their minds at ease and occupied constructively.

Here are some simple & fun activities for kids with ADHD that parents can make use of:

Active Sports

Parents can engage kids in an individual sport in the beginning, something that doesn’t require being part of a team. Sports like gymnastics or swimming will help them release their energy into something concrete. The main issue that kids with ADHD face is that they have all this energy and nowhere to release it. With a sport, they can release that energy in a controlled environment. Once they are able to control their energy in a sport, you can try engaging them in sports that require a teammate like tennis or wrestling, and later on, they can be a part of multiplayer sports like cricket or soccer. They will slowly learn how and where to direct their energy and will behave appropriately among other children. This can be one of the best activities for kids with ADHD.

Caring for a pet

If there’s one thing that can calm down a hyperactive child, it’s the love of a pet. Children who suffer from ADHD often have emotional outbursts that they can’t control. In those moments, one thing that can come to the rescue and save them from those negative emotions they’re facing & can’t describe, is a loving pet. It can be a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or any other furry friend. Playing with them and caring for them will help manage any negative/ confusing emotions that the child is going through.

Field Trips

Every other weekend, you could take your child on a nature walk or trek. The natural beauty, sounds of the birds, and smell of earth are calming and energizing at the same time. Children love to play around in open spaces so a walk in the park, collecting pebbles, playing with animals, clicking pictures of the birds and trees, etc. are some of the enjoyable activities for kids with ADHD. They will all help the child to focus better, stay in control of their actions, and have a good bonding time with nature. They may not be able to focus constantly in a classroom or while doing homework but they will definitely enjoy and unwind when they are out in a natural, open environment.

Creative Interests

There are many creative activities like arts & crafts, baking, singing, or dancing that children with ADHD enjoy. They sometimes face challenges with school work and home chores but enjoy activities that involve music, colors, and also being physically active. These tasks can make for basic yet very engaging activities for kids with ADHD that can bring out positive emotions in them. And they will enjoy it even more if they are held in open spaces. Kids with ADHD tend to not like confined spaces as much as the wide open ones. So, you could hang out with them in the backyard or the park and engage them in such creative activities from time to time.

ADHD is not something to ignore or to be ashamed of in any way. It’s important to understand for parents as well as make their kids realize that it’s just some different behavioral attributes that are present in some kids. It’s nothing to be worried about; it only needs a little more tending to and that’s all. With the help of doctors and special educators, kids with ADHD can easily regulate their actions and emotions well and grow up to be successful and kind human beings.


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