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88+ Best Christmas Quotes and Wishes For Kids 🔔

Nov 6, 2020
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Ho, ho, ho! The most wonderful time of the year is here. It’s all about twinkling lights, cozy sweaters, and the magic of Christmas. Get your kids ready to unleash excitement because Santa is on his way! To spread the holiday cheer, we have something special for you. We’ve rounded up the top 88+ christmas quotes and wishes for kids that will make your little ones’ hearts jingle all the way!

Christmas Quotes and Wishes For Kids Full of Cheer:

1. “Merry Christmas to the jolliest bunch of kids around!”
2. “May your days be merry and your dreams as bright as Christmas lights.”
3. “Ho ho hope your Christmas is filled with joy!”
4. “Wishing you snowflakes, hot cocoa, and endless giggles this Christmas!”
5. “Believe in the magic of Christmas – after all, Santa believes in you!”
6. “Santa’s watching, so keep being good and spreading kindness!”
7. “Jingle all the way to a Christmas full of laughter and love.”
8. “Cookies for Santa, and smiles for you – that’s the perfect Christmas recipe!”
9. “Snow much fun awaits you this Christmas!”
10.”Reindeer hooves and Santa’s sleigh, may your dreams take flight this holiday.”

Christmas Quotes and Wishes For kids Full of Giggles and Grins:

1. “May your holiday season be wrapped in joy and tied with a bow of laughter.”
2. “Wishing you a Christmas that’s as bright as a star on a snowy night.”
3. “Snowmen, sledding, and Santa’s sleigh – it’s the most wonderful time to play!”
4. “Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and everything is softer and more beautiful.”
5. “Elf hugs and snowflake kisses – that’s what I’m sending your way this Christmas!”
6. “Jingle bells, Santa smells, but Rudolph’s nose shines as bright as the sun!”
7. “Wrap up your worries and put them under the tree – it’s time for pure holiday glee!”
8. “May your days be merry and filled with moments that warm your heart.”
9. “Christmas is like a snowflake – unique and wonderful in every way.”
10. “Wishing you a cup of cocoa and a season full of smiles.”

Quotes To Spread Joy:

1. “May your days be merry, your nights be cozy, and your heart be as light as freshly fallen snow.”
2. “Christmas: where gingerbread houses become real estate, and reindeer are the preferred mode of transportation!”
3. “Tinsel, toys, and lots of joy – that’s what Christmas is all about!”
4. “Let the spirit of Christmas wrap you up in a warm, fuzzy blanket of love.”
5. “Sleigh bells ringing, children singing – it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”
6. “Wishing you a season filled with giggles, grins, and glowing memories.”
7. “May your holiday season be sprinkled with kindness, just like powdered sugar on cookies.”
8. “Santa Claus is proof that good things really do come in big, jolly packages.”
9. “Christmas lights are like stars on Earth, guiding us to a season of joy.”
10. “Wishing you a sleigh full of happiness and a stocking full of dreams!

Warm Wishes for the Season:

1. “May your stocking be full and your heart even fuller.”
2. “Sending you warm wishes and cozy cuddles this holiday season.”
3. “Treats, treasures, and tons of Christmas fun – that’s my wish for you!”
4. “May your days be merry and your heart be light, all through the holiday season.”
5. “Snowball fights and gingerbread delights – that’s what Christmas is made of!”
6. “Here’s to a Christmas that’s as sweet as candy canes and as bright as Rudolph’s nose.”
7. “Wishing you a magical season filled with dreams that twinkle like stars.”
8. “Sleigh the day and rock around the Christmas tree!”
9. “May your heart be as full as Santa’s sleigh with joy and happiness.”
10. “Wishing you a holly jolly Christmas filled with love and laughter!”

Santa Claus and Reindeer Magic:

1. “Santa’s sleigh is on its way, so get ready to welcome a joyful holiday!”
2. “Keep your eyes on the sky, because Santa and his reindeer are about to fly!”
3. “Wishing you the kind of joy that only Santa and his reindeer can bring.”
4. “Believe in the magic of Christmas, just like you believe in Santa!”
5. “Rudolph and friends are here to light up your Christmas with happiness.”
6. “Hoping your Christmas is as magical as Santa’s workshop.”
7. “Santa’s making a list, and checking it twice – he hopes you’ve been extra nice!”
8. “Santa’s sleigh bells are ringing – it’s time for a season of joy!”
9. “Reindeer hooves and jingle bells, Christmas magic in the air – can you tell?”
10. “Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen – may your Christmas be as amazing as Santa’s team!”

Christmas Wishes for Joy and Love!

1. “May your heart be as warm as a mug of hot chocolate on a chilly day.”
2. “Christmas is all about giving, so here’s a bundle of warm wishes just for you.”
3. “Cuddle up with joy, love, and laughter this holiday season.”
4. “May your days be merry and your nights be cozy – that’s my wish for you!”
5. “Santa’s sleigh may be fast, but the joy of Christmas will forever last.”
6. “Let the twinkle in your eye be as bright as the lights on the Christmas tree.”
7. “Snowflakes and giggles, that’s what your Christmas should be made of.”
8. “Here’s to a sleigh-full of dreams come true this holiday!”
9. “Wrap yourself in a blanket of joy and unwrap the magic of Christmas.”
10. “Tis the season to be jolly, and you’re the jolliest of them all!”

Santa Claus and Reindeer Make Us Happy!

1. “Rudolph’s nose shines so bright, guiding Santa through the night.”
2. “Santa’s beard might be snowy white, but his heart is warm with delight.”
3. “Rudolph and his nose of light bring Christmas joy into the night.”
4. “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Santa’s sleigh is soon glistening!”
5. “With Santa’s sleigh in the sky, there’s no limit to how high you can fly.”
6. “Santa’s elves are working hard, making toys in their Christmas yard.”
7. “Wishing you a sleigh-load of happiness this holiday season.”
8. “Rudolph’s nose knows the way to a magical Christmas day.”
9. “Santa Claus is coming to town, so let your joy be known all around!”
10. “Santa’s sleigh, so bright and bold, brings gifts and joy for young and old.”

Quotes To Share The Holiday Joy:

1. “May your heart be as warm as a fireplace on a chilly winter’s night.”
2. “In this season of giving, may your heart be full and your smiles be endless.”
3. “Cozy moments, festive cheer – may your Christmas be filled with things you hold dear.”
4. “Warm cocoa, cozy blankets, and the love of family – that’s the essence of Christmas.”
5. “Wishing you a holiday season that’s wrapped in love and tied with joy.”
6. “May your days be merry and your heart be light, as you unwrap the magic of Christmas night.”
7. “Christmas is the time to believe in miracles, and you, my friend, are one!”
8. “From our chimney to yours, may your holiday be merry and your heart be bright.”
9. “Wishing you the kind of joy that Santa’s elves feel when they finish their to-do list!”
10 “Sending you a blizzard of good wishes and a flurry of happiness this Christmas!”

Welcome the season of joy with love and wishes:

1. “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Santa’s laughter is the best kind of glistening!”
2. “Rudolph’s nose may be red, but his heart is gold – just like the spirit of Christmas.”
3. “Santa’s sleigh isn’t the only thing flying high during the holidays – your spirits are, too!”
4. “May your Christmas be as magical as Santa’s workshop and as bright as his smile.”
5. “Just like Santa’s sleigh, your dreams can take you anywhere you wish to go.”
6. “Santa’s sleigh ride is the original roller coaster – full of ups, downs, and pure excitement!”
7. “Wishing you a North Pole-sized portion of joy and a sleigh-load of laughter.”
8. “Rudolph’s nose leads the way to a season of wonder and happiness.”
9. “Santa knows when you’ve been good or bad, but he also knows that kindness is the best gift of all.”
10. “May your holiday season be wrapped in the warmth of family, friends, and Santa’s love.”

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