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Bring Easter indoors for kids during coronavirus lockdown

Apr 11, 2020

Did you recently see a video of a three-year-old kid saying hi to imaginary people during his lonely morning walks which has gone viral on the internet? Poor little thing. Isn’t it? We are social beings so we do need hugs and touch, but the lockdown due to coronavirus (COVID 19) threat has displaced children from friends, learning and their school community.

This has certainly affected young tots’ doing pretend hugs. And while it is difficult to explain the gravity of practicing social distancing to children, we thought of sharing some super fun ways of distracting them with engaging activities.

Easter celebrations are just around the corner, which usually means fancy meals and playing fun games for many families. Since the festivities will need to be enjoyed indoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative.

Here are recommended top 5 Easter activities to do in lockdown this year:

Story Reading Session: 

Parents play a vital role in developing their children’s faith in god. As the Easter season rolls around, you should be ready with anecdotes about Jesus’ death and resurrection. Explain to your children what Easter means to you and why the egg became the symbol for Easter.

Make Little Picassos Paint Easter eggs:

There are several theories as to why the egg became the symbol for Easter. For one, it symbolizes new life. Egg decoration is a custom that dates back to the 13th century. Indulge in some DIY crafts that will help you insert the Easter magic in your home in the difficult times. Paint funny face eggs using water colours. Let the kids experiment using brushes and liquidy dyes.

“Creativity is not about doing something better than others, it is about thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining.” –  Mary Ann Kohl, author of numerous award-winning art idea books for children.

Easter Egg Hunt:

It’s rather simple to set up an egg hunt at home or in your backyard, but neighborhoods are getting creative this year and planning their indoor hunts, too. Paint the eggs so that they camouflage the background. Hide it in flower pots, amidst the plants of the backyard.

Challenge little kids with logic questions to get them thinking with clues to find each egg’s hidden location.

Did you know

 Pennsylvania Dutch believed in an egg-laying hare called Oschter Haws (or Osterhase). Because this Easter Bunny laid eggs in the grass, kids are encouraged to build nests and search for the eggs that are hidden by parents, friends and families. 

Bake Easter treats with young Bakers:

Don’t we still recollect our days baking yummy cupcakes, chocolate fudges, swiss rolls at school in home science classes? Make your little chef wear a chef hat and an apron and let his hands get dirty in the dough.

Cherish the million-dollar expression on your child’s face as he serves tiny pieces into your plates. There’s a lot that kids can learn while cooking. Besides learning the names of the ingredients, kids also learn to limit wastage.

Learning Math the interactive way:

Skidos interactive learning games are helping kids all across the globe stay healthy while stuck indoors due to the pandemic. Now since it’s Easter time, your child’s favourite animal for the week is rabbit. Interestingly, SKIDOS games including Rabbit Rescue help kids master their mathematics skills.

Take advantage of the opportunities you get to engage with your child that lifts their spirits during pandemic.

Remember, the Gospel message. Pray that God would give you wisdom and the Holy Spirit would bring clarity to your children as they learn.


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